Gov. Murphy Refutes Rift Between Front Office and Legislature as Government Shutdown Looms

Gov. Phil Murphy sent the NJ legislature a letter responding to the current draft of the NJ 2020 budget, objecting to what he calls indefensible and needless cuts to wildly extensive programs. These include the absence of a millionaire's tax, estimated revenue streams and other portions of the proposal he says doesn't put constituents first.

As the state staggers into another Dems v. Dems budget fight with insiders preparing for a budget shutdown, Governor Phil Murphy slapped down the going perception of a divide between the front office and the legislature.

“We’re in conversations across the board,” he said at an event in Hackensack where local mayors and his treasurer – but no legislators (at least visible at the front of the room) joined him in support of a millionaire’s tax.

“No way I would have signed 290 bills [without a relationship with the legislature],” Murphy said.

Moments later, he identified New Jersey as a middle class backbone boon.

“One of America’s greatest, if not greatest, states,” the governor said.


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  • 1Prop

    You signed 290 bills and not one of them eases the tax burden or over-regulation of the NJ citizens. Thanks for nothing. The Governor’s Office and the Legislature should shut down. They are not doing anything to help us.

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