In the Name of Saily Avelenda

Former Senator Rodney Frelinghuysen, who has had no public involvement with Republican colleagues even before leaving office in January, has put his name at the top of a list of GOP officials endorsing Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco’s reelection.


Perhaps the greatest and most uniquely American of the privileges we enjoy in this country is the practically boundless freedom to express ourselves politically.  Every political position, from the pin-pointed center to the furthest extremes, can be openly discussed and participated in without fear of government retribution.

That is why today’s news that a sitting Congressman (chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, no less) felt it just to inform a local bank that one of their employees was involved with a political organization opposing his candidacy for reelection disturbed me on such a deep level.  That any American needs to fear that their employment may be at risk due to their political views is an affront to the society we have all spent over 200 years building.

From the time I began volunteering for the Democratic Party in high school to my current position as Chair of the Morris County Democratic Committee, I have worked on electoral efforts to defeat Rodney Frelinghuysen.  Not out of malice for the man or personal bias, but due to political and policy differences – the bedrock of our democratic process.

Perhaps due to my lifetime of political involvement, but also as a great admirer of the protections afforded to Americans by our Constitution and Founding Fathers, seeing a handwritten note by Congressman Frelinghuysen calling Saily Avelenda a “ringleader” (a term generally reserved for a criminal element) of a political group spoke volumes on the trickle-down effect of the behavior emanating straight from the White House.

Unfortunately, here in Morris County, retribution for political activities is all too common. Let us not forget where Governor Christie, whose vengeful efforts have become famous worldwide, honed his craft.

Saily Avelenda is a name that every resident of Morris County, and the 11th Congressional District, should be familiar with going forward.  Shame on Lakeland Bank for even considering her political activities as an appropriate discussion point regarding her employment.  Shame on Congressman Frelinghuysen for using his powerful perch against an average citizen.  And shame on all of us if we fail to hold the Congressman accountable for actions that fly in the face of our societal norms and constitutional protections.

Chip Robinson is Chairman of the Morris County Democratic Committee

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5 responses to “In the Name of Saily Avelenda”

  1. Thanks, Chip! Anybody know how to get in contact with Sally? We have a group of folks who would like to show solidarity with her selfless act of resigning her position at the bank. Amazing woman.

  2. The Congressman has a very good point. As a conservative working in academia, I have seen with my own eyes how liberals pass exclude, deny and pass over those who has an opposing view on life.

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