NBC4’s I-Team Dives Into Sacco Family Employment In North Bergen

As lawmakers consider the NJ 2020 budget, Democratic caucus members mostly seemed resigned to voting for a budget that will not contain Governor Phil Murphy’s desired millionaire’s tax. Senator Nick Sacco says the current in-fighting among Democrats is not healthy.

“The mayor of North Bergen, who for years also served as a leading school administrator, has 10 relatives working for the education system, an affiliated public technology school, and the town, according to public records.”

Read the report by Jonathan Dienst and the I-Team here.

Sacco Spokesman Phil Swibinski had this to say in response:

“NBC’s report last night was the height of absurdity, with dozens of dedicated public servants being needlessly attacked with no actual evidence that they are either unqualified for their positions or are not performing their job duties. Instead, the report relied on anonymous political allegations and innuendos that may as well have been made by Larry Wainstein and Joe Mocco themselves, because they sounded exactly like their talking points. There are hundreds of public employees in North Bergen and the fact that some are related to elected officials would not surprise anyone who has spent any time in New Jersey. All of these men and women deserve to be able to do their jobs without continued harassment. At a time when the country and the area face so many real challenges, it’s almost laughable that NBC would choose to devote this amount of time and resources to such a non-story.”   

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