Newark Leader Excoriates Murphy Campaign ‘Failure’

Rice of Newark

State Senator Ronald L. Rice (D-28) of Newark excoriated Governor Phil Murphy’s Campaign in the aftermath of a limp-back-into-office showing by the Democratic incumbent.

The Associated Press just called it for Murphy.

But many in the governor’s party, Rice included, feel embarrassed by the effort.


Codey’s assessment is right regarding Governor Murphy’s failed campaign strategy to lead with the right issues. He was also handicapped in this election in the minds of many Black and women observers by his failure to allow his Lt. Governor to be a Lt. Governor that is visible regularly and interacting regularly with the organizational networks the Black Caucus built over the years throughout state, interact with our communities throughout the state in general and communities of color in particular.

“This is what the Black Community and leaders expected from him when we supported his first election four years ago. It is why we argued for a Black Lt. Governor. Paid consultants appear to have more say so on our issues impacting minorities and women than the Lt. Governor; than minority and women members of the Legislature and sometimes the Governor’s Chief of Staff regarding our issues of concerns. These are issues that the Governor expresses he agree with, such as economic just for minorities and women. We are going have to fix that in his new term as Governor. Minorities and women continue to deliver Governors, vote for Senate Presidents and Speakers as Black and Brown people and Legislators only to be denied Legislation and policies that would guarantee economic justice for minorities and women. Our Lt. Governor should be meeting with us on issues of concerns impacting minorities and women because she understands; she lived the discriminatory practices over the years and worked hard to try to help eradicate and to correct them in her various capacities while working in the non-profit community and in government. We should not be talking to staffers such as Justin Braz and others who will never understand the historical and present harm to people of color.”

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