Newark Schools Super Leon Throws Himself a 50th Birthday Bash at Robert Treat Hotel

Less than a year on the job, Roger Leon, the first Newark School Board-selected superintendent in 22 years, threw himself a 50th birthday bash at the Robert Treat Hotel on Friday night.

Leon last year said he wants to be a “proficient and influential agent of change.”

Leon and members of the board.
The party scene.
Essex County Freeholder Len Luciano took a turn on the throne of power.
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  • mista skorpio

    Dude looks like a fool

  • Joe

    As long as he’s doing this on his own time, on his own dime, who cares. Looks like he’s a swinging superdooperintendant. I’m more concerned about the privatization of the school system and the deleterious effects of charter schools.

  • Ciggy Boy


  • Ciggy Boy

    *fortnite dance*

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