NJ Democrats Land in NH for Up-Close Look at Prez Candidates

The party scene in Manchester.

New Jersey Democrats, among them Zenon Christodolou, vice chair of the Somerset Democratic Committee, pictured (top) with presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, joined fellow party members in Manchester this morning for this weekend’s New Hampshire Democratic Convention.

Christodoulou backs U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) for president, who’s set for what Booker hopes is a big campaign moment.

“Lots of energy and enthusiasm,” the Somerset vice chair said.

New Hampshire-based Democratic consultant Jim Demers likewise described a large and enthusiastic crowd at the Southern New Hampshire University Arena.

“Cory had a busy day yesterday and a busy morning,” said Demers, moments before his candidate took the stage to address the crowd of delegates. “He’s going to be the second candidate to speak [after former Vice Preisdent Joe Biden].”

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  • Paul Lennon

    I am super impressed with Tulsi Gabbard, finally and just in time , we have a candidate with the
    Gravitas ,character, determination and legitimacy to fight for we the
    people. She has garnered diverse respect and affection and can unite we the people. I hope
    we can stop the establishment and it’s MSM media from burying her. We all must band together to stop the military establishment from forcing the USA to endlessly war for
    Climate heating fossils. We must stand together now as time is running out for OUR overheating ,species shedding Biosphere.

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