NJTV Livestream: Norcross Testifies At Senate Tax Incentive Hearing

Watch NJTV’s livestream of the Senate Select Committee on Economic Growth Strategies at 10am, at which George Norcross is expected to testify.  The Select Committee will take testimony from invited guests directly impacted by New Jersey Economic Development Authority tax incentives.

When the South Jersey power broker arrived for today’s hearing, opponents jeered him with chants of “FBI, FBI.”

To listen to thearing, please go here.

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  • sabastianbelfon

    Oh My!

  • sabastianbelfon

    Are these tax credits or tax abatements? Because those are two entirely different things.

    • sabastianbelfon

      Tax credits with significant up front investment costs and strong claw back provisions. Got it!

  • sabastianbelfon

    Go across the street and get your free lunch already.

  • sabastianbelfon

    Here comes the “FIRE”!

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