NPR’s Dead End: A New Jersey Political Murder Mystery (Episode Five)

EPISODE 5: New Jersey’s Other Boss

From NPR:

“John Sheridan’s decision to go work at Cooper University Hospital came at a curious time. It was just months after news about the Palmyra tapes came out. The tapes caught George Norcross bullying and offering a favor to a small town official; they are a rare instance where evidence emerged of the rough and tumble side to the south Jersey political machine. An email shows Norcross’ control over the state legislature and city council members in Camden explain what it means to be a “yes yes” person. • Kelly Francis, union organizer and Camden activist • Kevin Riordan, Philadelphia Inquirer reporter who has covered south Jersey off and on for the past 45 years • Micah Rasmussen, director of Rebovich Institute for New Jersey Politics at Ryder University • Tom Knoche, lecturer at Rutgers University in Camden • Matt Katz, reporter at WNYC • Shaneka Boucher, Camden City Councilwoman • Marilyn Torres, Camden City Councilwoman • Jeffrey Brenner, doctor who worked and lived in Camden during its worst years.


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