Obama for Murphy: Former Prez Exhorts Newarkers


Trying to inject some energy into the environs at the heart of a county with the biggest Democratic Party plurality, former President Barack Obama came to New Jersey today to campaign for Governor Phil Murphy and motivate voters.

As if to underscore the point, Murphy himself voted earlier today amid signs of an uncaring and uninspired electorate.

Here’s the live stream from Fox News.

Obama got a rise from the crowd when he mocked GOP nominee Jack Ciattarelli’s efforts as a Raritan Councilman to ban profanity.

“I’m not from New Jersey,” Obama cracked, [but I know that is a bad idea].

Speaking in Newark, where Murphy needs to galvanize a listless electorate in the face of a tightened contest, and on at least one occasion making sure to name-call Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver, Obama wondered aloud about the world this generation will leave to its children.

“There’s a politics of meanness, of tribalism and cynicism,” Obama said. “We can go down that path, but it’s path to ruin. …We are trying to determine what kind of economy they are going to inherit.

“I believe you are going to show the country we are not going to indulge our worst instincts. We’re going to move forward, with people like Phil leading the way,” the former President added.

Obama reminded voters that they can’t afford to go to sleep on this election because they might be tired of politics.

“As hard as it is, we can still make it better,” the former President said. “It’s hard in a big country, where people disagree, but we can do better, and when you’ve got the right person in the job, we can get more people more jobs.”

Earlier today, Ciattarelli drew Obama’s attention to a letter he penned highlighting Democratic Party failure in New Jersey’s cities.

“Sadly, under Governor Murphy, hope and opportunity have been sorely lacking,” Ciattarelli said.

Obama gave no acknowledgement of the GOP candidate’s efforts to get his attention.

Obama and Murphy have a political history. A Goldman Sachs alumnus, Murphy served as ambassador to Germany during Obama’s presidential years.

“We can’t be tried,” the former President said. “Go out there. Fight. Work. You are going to decide this election. Do not sit this one out. If you work and vote up and down the ballot, we will elect Phil Murphy again. We will elect Sheila Oliver. We will build up our majorities in the state legislature.”


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