Outraged by Lack of Rules Clarity for Reorg Meeting, Stack Allies File Suit Against Prieto

Last evening, two Committee Members of the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) filed a lawsuit, naming current Chairman Vincent Prieto, after repeated attempts to gain information by attorneys representing the effort of Union City Mayor Brian P. Stack remain unanswered and ignored, they said.

Requested information by Jeff Dublin and Stephanie Daniels pertains to the rules, order and governance of the upcoming HCDO reorganization meeting, according to Stack and his allies.

Regarding the paperwork filed with the court, which seeks clarity for the rules of the meeting, Stack, a candidate for the chairmanship of the HCDO in Tuesday’s reorganization meeting, said, “It is clear that we have the support to secure the Chairmanship. Is current Chairman Vinny Prieto adhering to the wishes of the bosses and refusing to meet with our team to discuss the rules that will govern the reorganization meeting? 

“It is unnerving that this process, led by the HCDO and its bosses, lacks transparency, is rooted in secrecy and  invites suspicion that this is all designed to confuse Committee members when exercising their right to vote for the candidate of  their choice . My supporters are outraged.”

Complaint 6.8.18 with exhibits
Brief in support 6.8.18
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