Pallotta Lashes out at ‘Democrat Party’


Frank Pallotta, the Republican candidate in CD-5, seems unimpressed with the Democrats’ concerns over the GOP’s latest pandemic relief plan.

A statement from Pallotta took aim not only at Josh Gottheimer, but also at Gov. Phil Murphy, who often criticizes Mitch McConnell, the Senate Leader.

Here is Pallotta’s statement:

“The governor and the Democrat Party need to understand that a healthy economy is the only way to build a path back to normalcy. However, it’s pretty rich that Josh would hold up this much-needed relief when he failed to secure a single cent for Warren and Sussex counties in the initial round of COVID funding. Furthermore, Josh won’t even reach out to Phil Murphy to ask why funds, which already are at his disposal, have yet to be released to counties and municipalities in his own district. This amounts to little more than showboating from Josh with no real substance.”

For his part, Gottheimer said today that about $3 billion in federal aid tied to the pandemic has been distributed across the district. He said funds went to every town in the Fifth district.

The congressman said all 79 towns in the district have received some form of aid.

The need has been apparent.

While the number of statewide COVID-19 cases are declining, Gottheimer said the district has had about 40,000 cases and that 3,557 people have died.

The federal help, while impressive, is not enough.

Like all New Jersey Democrats, Gottheimer condemned a pandemic relief bill just-released by Senate Republicans because it includes “zero dollars” for state and local governments.

He called that “unacceptable.”

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  • Morrison2525

    I cannot believe that a Republican’t candidate is using the phrase “Democrat Party”.

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