Panos Demands Resignation of Monroe Council Prez Cohen

Middlesex County GOP Chairwoman Lucille Panos issued the following statement calling for the


resignation of Monroe Township Council President Miriam Cohen over an open mike incident that showed Cohen’s disdain for the residents of Monroe who disagree with her.

“At the May 3rd Monroe Council meeting Council President Miriam Cohen showed her true colors and disdain for the residents of Monroe who disagree with her. As an elected official Councilwoman Cohen owes the public an explanation for her actions in office and should resign from office.”

Stated Panos. “From high taxes, to runaway development, to underfunded schools there is plenty to criticize the current administration for. Council President Cohen’s contempt for public discussion shows she is unfit to serve and should make room for someone with the public’s interest in mind.”

Below is the letter Panos sent to the Monroe Mayor and Council.

Dear Mayor and Council Members.

At first, I thought the Council meeting Monday night went well, residents respectfully asking questions and getting some valid answers.

However, it was what Council President Cohen said when she was unaware the microphones were still on, that compels me to reach out to you.

The first thing Council President Cohen spoke, was to warn her fellow Democrat council people “candidates for office were here tonight and they will be back every month” she announced the name of each Republican candidate who called in, proclaiming she affectionally calls one “the pig”.  She went on to say that she will speak with Alan about how to prepare differently.

It is the actions of elected officials like Ms. Cohen, that give good government a bad name.

The first thing she should have been concerned with were the legitimate issues that were brought up, not political candidates. As for preparing differently, she should always be prepared and know the issues.

Calling out Republican candidates by name for asking questions, announcing her derogatory nickname for a candidate and stating that she needs to be better prepared are all reasons I call for Council President Cohen to resign.

If Councilwoman Cohen doesn’t have the integrity to see the error of her mindset and resign, then I ask that the Council to censure her and vote to remove her from her leadership position as Council president.


Lucille Panos

Chair Middlesex County Republican Organization and Monroe resident.


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