Pascrell Pummels Trump Ahead of the President’s State of the Union

Today, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-9) issued a statement on Donald Trump’s State of the Union address to Congress.

“Bipartisanship isn’t a word on a teleprompter; it’s a continuous approach that aspires to unity. After two years of uninterrupted chaos and corruption, I know better than to take at face value anything this man tells us. I do know that the new Democratic Congress will continue to offer a positive agenda that seeks to lift this nation up through trade policies that support working Americans, rooting out rampant corruption, tax policies that will close the inequality gap, and dedication to a clean environment. Will Trump and Republicans join us? Will they finally stop intentionally dividing America? I’m not holding my breath. But in the meantime, Democrats keep pushing forward on a positive agenda.”

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