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September 15th 


TINTON FALLS – Today, over 100 prominent small-business leaders who own or operate businesses in the 11th Legislative District announced their endorsement of Vin Gopal for State Senate. The announcement comes just ahead of Friday’s Monmouth-Ocean Development Council Business Luncheon. 


“Vin Gopal has built a successful small business. He knows what we need to do to cut red tape and create jobs. As a State Senator, he will be an outstanding partner,” stated Victor Kuo, owner of Temple Restaurant in Red Bank. 


“I served with Vin when I was President of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce where he served on the Board of Directors. Vin served on many committees of the chamber where his business acumen and experience greatly supported and benefitted our members. As a small business owner he understands the struggles and barriers we are presented with daily,” stated Cliff Moore, Past President of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce. 


Vin owns and operates several small-businesses in Monmouth County. He is a past Board Member of the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce and a past President of the Hazlet Township Business Owners Association. He is the managing partner of Direct Development, LLC, which has over 100 local clients in Monmouth County.  


As the Democratic candidate for State Senate, Vin has voiced his strong support for taking necessary steps to make it easier for small businesses to open and expand. He has advocated for cutting the red tape, encouraging municipal consolidation and shared services to lower taxes, and has vowed to fight unfair zoning and sign ordinances and work to reinstate UEZ zones. 


Below is a list of the business leaders who announced their support:  


Chris   Adams  Adams, Buchan & Palo – Colts Neck NJ 
Gene   Anthony  Law Offices of Gene Anthony – Eatontown NJ 
Bill   Atkins  Bill Atkins Marketing – Tinton Falls NJ 
Meir   Araman  Ocean Grove Mattress & Furntiure 
Marie   Barbero  Past Board Member, Northern Monmouth Chamber 
Ajay   Barthwal  Owner of Freehold Borough Properties 
Patricia   Bennett  Patricia Bennett, Esq. – Red Bank NJ 
Anthony   Beshara  Entrepeneur – Freehold 
Mike   Beson  Guide Publications – Long Branch, NJ 
Bianca   Bertoli  Lock and Shade – Asbury Park NJ 
Janine   Bonovech  Salon Simplicity – Red Bank NJ 
Michael   Brantley  Dr. Michael Brantley DDS, Asbury Park NJ 
Sean   Byrnes  Partner, Byrnes & O’Hern 
Sal   Cannizaro  Immediate Care – Red Bank NJ 
Frank   Cannizaro  SFC Enterprises – Red Bank NJ 
Gus   Carter  Gus’ Barber Shop – Red Bank NJ 
Stephen   Catania  Cheese Cave – Red Bank, NJ 
Gulshan   Chhabra  Owner of Gas Stations Newman Springs Road – Red Bank NJ 
Vinay   Chopra  Seaview Orthopedics – Freehold NJ 
Rosa   Davis  Jerset Shore Detectives, Ocean Twp. NJ 
Patrick   Falcon  Falcon Law Firm – Ocean NJ 
Ron   Ferincola  Spellbinders, Allenhurst NJ 
Luis   Fernandez  Securiy Cam Depot – Neptune NJ 
Paul   Fernicola  Fernicola & Associates – Red Bank, NJ 
Tom   Fishkin  Readies Cafe – Red Bank NJ 
Jack   Gindi  Relumins Labs, Ocean Township NJ 
Michael   Gluck  Gluck & Walrath, Red Bank NJ 
Warren   Goode  Goode & Weysner, CPA – Ocean Township, NJ 
Mike   Greico  Shore Luxury Limos – Freehold NJ 
Giuseppe   Grillo  Ideal Tile – Freehold NJ 
Russell   Goldman  Law Offices of Russell Goldman – Shrewsbury NJ 
Ryan   Hager  JGS Insurance – Tinton Falls NJ 
Claudette   Herring  Via 45 Restaurant – Red Bank NJ 
Kerri   Higgins  McKenna, DuPont, Higgins & Stone – Red Bank NJ 
Jonathan   Hornik  LaRocca, Hornik, Rosen, Greenberg & Bala – Freehold, NJ 
Aimee   Humphries  Aimee’s – Red Bank NJ 
Leonard   Inzerello  Past President, Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce 
Joel   Jannone  Joel P Jannone MD – Red Bank NJ 
Joanna   Jodar  Integral Acupuncture – Long Branch NJ 
Roger   Kane  111 South Contractors – Freehold NJ 
Peter   Karavites  3OS Technologies – Tinton Falls NJ 
Dr. Kharod  Sudhaker  Kharod Sudhakar MD – Asbury Park NJ 
Leonard   Kiczek  Past President, Long Branch Chamber of Commerce – Kiczek & Rachinsky, LLC 
Chris   Kinsella  La Corte, Bundy, Varady & Kinsella – Tinton Falls NJ 
Ted   Koczon  E Street Realty – Red Bank NJ 
Claudi   Kofod  Co-Founder, Danish Cafe – Red Bank NJ 
Lone   Kofod  Co-Founder, Danish Cafe – Red Bank NJ 
Bharat   Kotian  Shokla Restaurant – Freehold NJ 
Victor   Kuo  Temple Restaurant – Red Bank, NJ 
Maryellen   Landolfi  The Write Room, Tinton Falls NJ 
Bryan   Larco  Fuze Eatery: Empanada House & Smoothie Bar – Long Branch, NJ 
Stalin   Larco  Fuze Eatery: Empanada House & Smoothie Bar – Long Branch, NJ 
Nicole   Lerario  A Kneaded Vacation – Red Bank NJ 
Fred   Lomangino  Ice King – Tinton Falls NJ 
Jon   Lomurro  Lomurro Law – Freehold NJ 
Doug   Long  Long, Marmero & Associates – Tinton Falls, NJ 
John   Luongo  Luongo, Levin & Associates – Colts Neck NJ 
Hemal   Makadia  Provision Pharmacy – Freehold NJ 
Jawad   Malik  Co-Owner, Koy Turkish Grill 
Hina   Malik  Co-Owner, Koy Turkish Grill 
Amy   Mallet  Amsley Promotions – Neptune, NJ 
Lester   Mallet  Gluefast Company – Neptune, NJ 
Mike   Mangan  Endurance Sportas Floors – Ocean Township NJ 
Dan   Margo  Owner, The Melrose Bed & Breakfast – Ocean Grove, NJ 
Russ   McIver  Connections Un_LTD LLC – Allenhurst NJ 
Edward   McKenna  McKenna, DuPont, Higgins & Stone – Red Bank NJ 
Andres   Mejer  Andres Mejer Law – Long Branch NJ 
Pasquale   Menna  The Menna Law Firm – Red Bank NJ 
Scott   Metzger  Pain Management – Shrewsbury NJ 
Tom   Mirabella  WingMan Planning – Freehold NJ 
Cliff   Moore  Past President, Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce 
Art   Murphy  AV Murphy Builders – Red Bank NJ 
Bob   Napoli  Alarm World – Long Branch, NJ 
John   Napolitani  A&N Power Washing and Snow Removal – Ocean NJ 
Daniel   O’Hern  Byrnes, O’Hern – Red Bank NJ 
Peter   Paras  Partner, Paras, Apy & Reiss – Red Bank NJ 
Teena   Patel  Edible Arrangements of Ocean NJ and Edible Arragements of Freehold NJ 
Jay   Patel  Crystal Motel – Neptune & Eatontown NJ 
Luanne   Peterpaul  Peterpaul Law LLP – Asbury Park, NJ 
Matt   Philbin  Shelter Inc. – Asbury Park NJ 
Carol   Rizzo  Rizzo Advisory Services – Neptune, NJ 
Janet   Rackhan  Beautiful Walls & Custom Painting – Long Branch NJ 
Brian   Roper  Brian Roper MD – Neptune NJ 
David   Rosenthal  David Rosenthal Esq. – Freehold NJ 
Vito   Ruffino  Ruffinos Pizza & Italian Restaurant – Eatontown NJ 
Ray   Santiago  Santiago & Associates – Freehold, NJ 
Jack   Sayegh  Owner, Monmouth County IHOP Franchise 
Marilyn   Schlossbach  Owner, Langosta Lounge & Various Asbury Park Restaurants 
Arthur   Schlossbach  Owner, Ameila’s Kitchen – Shrewsbury, NJ 
Victor   Scudiery  Past Board Member, Northern Monmouth Chamber & Scudiery Enterprises 
Ketan   Shah  Entrepeuner – Monmouth County 
Ritesh   Shah  Shrewsbury Ave. Pharmacy – Red Bank, NJ 
Asha   Shah  Asha Realty One LLC – Red Bank, NJ 
Rahul   Shah  Owner of several Dunkin Donuts Franchises in Long Branch and Ocean Twp. 
Chris   Siciliano  Gavin Agency – Allenhurst NJ 
Karen   Siciliano  Siciliano Landscaping – Long Branch NJ 
Ghulam   Suhrawardi  NMCI Group – Colts Neck NJ 
John   Tatulli  Law Offices of John Tatulli, Shrewsbury NJ 
Charles   Uliano  Chamlin, Rosen, Uliano & Witherington – West Long Branch NJ 
Lino   Valentino  Lino’s Mexican Restaurant – Red Bank NJ 
John   Villapiano  Sea Shore Day School – Long Branch NJ 
Paul   Wichansky  Motivational Speakers – Freehold NJ 





* Please note: These small business owners are endorsing Vin on behalf of themselves, not their businesses 

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