Pradip “Peter” Kothari Endorses Mahesh Bhagia for Mayor, McCann, Peng, Patel For Council

Mahesh Bhagia

Pradip “Peter” Kothari Endorses Mahesh Bhagia for Mayor, McCann, Peng, Patel For Council

Edison, NJ – Today, long-time community leader and activist Pradip “Peter”Kothari, announced he is endorsing Mahesh Bhagia for Mayor of Edison, along with his running mates Tom McCann, Shannon Peng, and Sparshil Patel, boosting Bhagia’s already strong campaign. Mr. Kothari, the founding President of the Indo-American Cultural Society, founder of Indian Religious and Cultural Center Inc also popularly known as India House, has organized the largest annual Navratri festival in New Jersey for nearly 30 years. He is also known for his over 30 years of work as a community activist and civil rights leader. This gives Bhagia one of the most influential endorsements in Edison, and one that will reverberate throughout the state.

In announcing his endorsement, Mr. Kothari stated, “Mahesh Bhagia and his team of McCann, Peng, and Patel are the clear choice for those who want to move Edison forward. They have a clear vision, and I have never met a group of people that will work harder on behalf of residents of Edison. I’m calling on all residents of Edison to support Mahesh Bhagia for Mayor and stand with him and the whole team!”

“I know Mahesh Bhagia. I know his character, his heart, and his record. Mahesh Bhagia has always stood for the residents of Edison. We know Mahesh. But more importantly, he knows us.”

Mr. Kothari has been profiled by the New York Times, along with other local, national and international publications, for his civil rights and advocacy work.

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