More than 150 Small Business Owners Sign Letter Urging State Legislators to Expand Access to Driver’s Licenses in New Jersey

More than 150 Small Business Owners Sign Letter Urging State Legislators to Expand Access to Driver’s Licenses in New Jersey


Business owners agree that more licensed drivers, regardless of immigration status, will benefit businesses by bringing millions in revenue to state economy, increasing public safety and mobility in local communities.


NEW JERSEY– More than 150 small business owners have signed a letter to New Jersey state legislators urging them to support and enact legislation that would allow more residents to obtain a driver’s license to get tested and trained to drive in New Jersey.


Signatories include owners of a variety of main street businesses, including restaurants, grocery stores, beauty salons, auto repair shops, and insurance companies. The letter states the benefits of more residents being able to access driver’s licenses including the potential increase in public safety and boost to local and state economies with increased mobility. Parents will be able to drive their children to schools, drive to grocery store, or take their children to doctor’s appointments.


Business owners also expressed the need for families to be able to stay connected to their communities. With the increase in anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric by the federal administration, some businesses have reported a decline in patronage since the beginning of 2017.  New Jersey’s local businesses and immigrant communities are particularly feeling the impact of the fear of detention and deportation. With a driver’s license, many residents will be able to drive without fear of being stopped for a simple traffic violation and potentially facing ICE detention.


“Community First Sports Club supports the Let’s Drive New Jersey campaign because when our parents can’t get a driver’s license, their kids can’t play on our sports teams. We strive for a community where every person can participate, regardless of their immigration status. We support the fight for legislation to achieve this end,” said Sharif Elzein, Founder of Community First Sports Club, resident of Maplewood.


“Without a driver’s license is very difficult for many of us to get to work, school, and the supermarket. There are many people contributing to the economy, both through our work and by paying taxes, who are not able to get a license. Expanded access to driver’s licenses would benefit the state with increased revenues and the state would be able to identify drivers more easily,” said William Chavez of Chavez Auto Repair in Hamilton.


“It is important for the security of everyone. Someone that doesn’t have car insurance and a driver’s license is more likely to have trouble with law enforcement,” said Oscar Blanco of DJ Factory Entertainment in Trenton.


“Expanding access to driver’s licenses will also improve our economy – as small business owners we stand to benefit when more people are able to get a license and buy a car and insurance. My immigrant clients who cannot obtain a license spend on average $6 for a taxi to come to get a $12 haircut at my salon. Imagine that they could save if they had their own car. I know they would spend more in local businesses like mine, and would also have great mobility for themselves and their families, said Regina Perez, owner of Rayito de Luz Estética in Passaic.


“As a small business owner I support expanding access to licenses to more residents. It will grow our economy and keep our roads safe,” said Alfonso Hernandez, owner of Ay Chihuahua restaurant in Passaic, NJ.


See letter and full list of business supporters below.





Dear Legislators,


As business owners and leaders across the state of New Jersey, we urge you to support and enact legislation that would expand access to driver’s licenses to all New Jerseyans regardless of status.


Preventing people from taking a driver’s test and applying for insurance, and ultimately obtaining a license, is putting our safety and economic growth of the state at risk. This common-sense policy would contribute to the economic vitality of the state in the following ways:


More Insured Drivers and Lower Car Insurance Premiums

New Jersey would see about $209 million in new insurance payments. New Jersey has the nation’s most expensive automobile insurance, with an average cost of $1,184 that greatly exceeds the national average of $797. A larger pool of licensed and insured  motorists should help to lower costs to car insurance providers and allow for reduced car insurance premiums for drivers across the state. It would benefit New Jersey residents, and provide a boon to New Jersey’s auto insurance industry.


Boost the State’s Economy and Provide Economic Benefits to the State

Allowing all New Jerseyans, regardless of status, to drive legally would help New Jersey’s economy  by increasing state revenues, without having to raise taxes. Depending on the license fee set for these newly eligible applicants, New Jersey could expect  anywhere between $5.2 million and $11.1 million in new revenue from these fees.


Economic Benefits to Local Businesses:

Granting all New Jerseyans, regardless of status, the ability to drive legally would increase the  purchasing power of undocumented immigrants. We believe it would also make New Jersey a more welcoming and open place to do business for many of our industries.


Allowing all residents, regardless of status, to be tested, licensed and insured would create a safer New Jersey and allow its residents to engage more in the economic life of the state. For these reasons, we urge you to support legislation to expand access to driver licenses to New  Jerseyans.




Morris County Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce

4 Corner’s Supermarket, Trenton
4 Puntos Multiservices, Union City
809 Restaurant, Passaic
A.B.S. Glass, Trenton
Adames Barber Shop, Trenton
Adjuntas Restaurant, Passaic
Adriano’s Liquors Inc
All Star Barber Shop, Trenton
Anchor Bar and Grill, Trenton
Andre’s Barber Shop, Camden
Andy’s Food Plus, LLC, Trenton
Anthony’s Clothing, Trenton
Antojitos & Helados Nissi, Trenton
Ari Bodega, Trenton
Aries Beauty Salon, Dover
Armando Auto Sales, Trenton
Associated Supermarket II, LLC, Trenton
Auto Dynamics, Trenton
Avila Multiservice Express, Morristown
Ay Chihuahua!, Passaic
Azcona Supermarket, Newark
Azteca Mexican Restaurant, Dover
Barberito Finest Cut Barber, Trenton
Beauty Salon And Spa Pura Vida, Trenton
Better Mornings, Trenton
Bicicletas Passaic, Passaic
Bienvenido Market, Trenton
Broad St. Auto Sales, Trenton
Brother in Law, Trenton
Brother’s Deli & Grocery, Trenton
Brothers Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant, Passaic
Brunswick Mini Market, Trenton
C&F Tires Co, Trenton
Cafe Yela, Morristown
Capital Deli, Trenton
Capital Jewelry, Trenton
Carniceria La Unica, Morristown
Carter Liquors, Trenton
Casa del Pollo, Morristown
Casa Lupita, Bayonne
Casdeluna, Trenton
Castillo Restaurant, Passaic
Castillos Food Services, Trenton
Cidenia Mini Market, Passaic
City Stylez Hair Shop, Trenton
Cleveland Laundromat, Trenton
Club Betty Luna Bella, Passaic
Comfort Mattress, Trenton
Community First Sports Club, Maplewood
Concord Travel, Passaic
Danny’s Laundromat, Passaic
Dazzle Convenience, Dover
Different Salon, Morristown
Dolar Plaza, Passaic
Dominican Supermarket 187, Passaic
Dona Chely, Passaic
El Asadero Mexican Grill, Passaic
El Catrocho, Dover
El Cerezo Bakery, Passaic
El Encuentro Centroamericano, Morristown
El Jarocho, Dover
El Mercado, Passaic
El Paisa, Passaic
El Paraiso, Dover
El Portal, Morristown
El Potrillo Restaurant, Trenton
El Puerto, Dover
El Tapatio, Dover
Empire Discount Liquors, Trenton
Encanto Driving School, Passaic
Esmeralda’s Fashion, Trenton
Esmeralda’s Universal Unisex, Trenton
Estetica Mexicana San Mateo J C Bonilla, Passaic
Express Multiservices, Dover
Fashion Nail And Spa’s, Dover
Flamil Professional, Passaic
Flor De Maria, Passaic
Friends Unisex Beauty Salon, Trenton
Frutimex, Dover
Futbolandia, Morristown
Gallito Radio, Passaic
Garden Supermarket 1, Passaic
Genesis Beauty & Hair Salon, Trenton
Gomez Check Cashing, Trenton
Goodman Pharmacy & Surgical, Passaic
Griselda’s Restaurant, Passaic
Guate Envios, Trenton
Havis Jewelry, Trenton
Hispano Solutions LLC, Passaic
Imagen Lunar Inc., Passaic
Infinity Wireless Plus, Trenton
Infinity, Trenton
Internova Multiservices, Trenton
Islas Galapagos, Morristown
Izucar Deli and Grocery, Passaic
J&V Multiservices, Trenton
Janeth Ice Cream, Passaic
Jerry’s Pizza, Trenton
Jomac Hair Salon, Trenton
L.C. Supermarket, Morristown
La Fortaleza, Passaic
La Ideal Mexican Bakery, Passaic
La Nueva Esperanza, Passaic
La Nueva Esperanza, Passaic
La Sierra, Dover
Latin American Supermarket, Dover
Latin Express Multiservices, Trenton
Latino Beauty Salon Unisex, Trenton
Latino Envios, Trenton
Liberty Furniture, Morristown
Lider Dollar Plus, Trenton
Lili’s Unisex Beauty Salon, Trenton
Los Corrales, Passaic
Los Gallos Multiservices, Passaic
Lucky Foods, Passaic
Mac Supermarket, Passaic
Mandala Night Club, Passaic
Manny’s Hvac & Home Improvement, Trenton
Mar y Tierra Peruvian Cuisine, Passaic
Mariachi Restaurant, Trenton
Mary Multiservices, Trenton
Mary-fer Mexicana Beauty Salon, Passaic
MG Agency Insurance, Passaic
Mi Dollar King LLC, Passaic
Mi Fashion & Miscellaneous Ll LLC, Passaic
Mi Frutita LLC, Passaic
Molto Bella, Dover
Morris Driving School, Dover & Morristown
Nelly’s Beauty, Dover
Pacific Express, Dover
Pan Caliente Bakery, Dover
Pan Pizza, Dover
Pascale Insurance Inc., Spring Lake
Patri Mini Market, Passaic
Phoenix Embroidery, Passaic
Piñas Locas Quetzaly, Passaic
Pollos Pucalor De Morristown, Morristown
Pollos Pucalor, Dover
R&R Laundromat LLC, Trenton
Rayito De Luz Estetica Unisex Mexicana, Passaic
Ricoy Pizzeria y Restaurant, Passaic
Roman Pizzeria, Passaic
Rosa’s Pizza, Passaic
Rosita de Olivo, Passaic
Sammy Soap Suds, Trenton
San Jose Mini Market, Passaic
Super Mex, Passaic
Tacos Lupita, Passaic
Taqueria Brenda Lee, Dover
Taqueria Los Gueros, Passaic
Tehui Mini Market, Passaic
Tequila 55, Dover
The Tech Monkey, Passaic
Tierras y Sabores, Dover
Tio Aureliano’s Restaurant, Passaic
Tony’s Liquors, Trenton
Tony’s Tailor And Clothier, Trenton
Twilight Beauty Salon, Passaic
Value Pharmacy & Surgical, Inc., Passaic
Variedades Jenkar, Morristown
Yo- Yo, Passaic
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