2024 Political Graphics Report by Helium Creative Services

For Immediate Release: February 22 , 2024


2024 Political Graphics Report by Helium Creative Services

The report aims to discern voter perception so political
campaign designers can successfully produce compelling
and voter-friendly graphics and communications

NEW JERSEY – Helium Creative Services, an award-winning leading political design firm, launched a survey researching voter behavior toward campaign graphics. Voters from across
thirty states participated in the survey, offering insight into their interactions with campaign materials such as mailers, digital advertising, logos, etc. Ana Rodrigues, president of Helium and the report’s author, stated, “The report serves as a touchstone for those navigating the visuals for a political

The report can be downloaded for free by visiting www.heliumcreativeservices.com/2024-report

If you have any questions, please contact Ana Rodrigues at 973-699-0049, or email at ana@heliumcreativeservices.com

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