32BJ Endorses Legislative District 26 Candidates

The following statement can be attributed to Kyle Bragg, vice president and New Jersey district director of 32BJ SEIU, the largest property service union in the country.


“32BJ is proud to endorse Lara Fortgang and Christine Clarke for State Assembly in New Jersey’s District 26. They are the clear choice for working families in the district. As an environmental activist and community organizer Clarke has shown that she is willing to fight to protect workers on the job and in our communities. She has also shown that her commitment to environmental justice includes a green jobs plan similar to the one our union has advocated for with the Green New Deal. As a business consultant, Lara Fortgang has shown that she is willing to stand up for fair treatment and good jobs for local workers. She has the knowhow to boost our economy with new business opportunities and good jobs that infuse our communities with the resources needed to thrive. Together we are confident that these two women will be powerful advocates for our communities once in office.”

Clarke and Fortgang accepted 32BJ’s endorsement saying:

“It’s an honor to have the endorsement of 32BJ SEIU in our race for State Assembly! Protecting workers, jobs, benefits and safety is crucial, and unions are on the front lines negotiating and bargaining for our rights, respect and dignity. They’re an essential partner in building the profitable, clean energy economy we want for our state and preparing the workforce to get us there.  We are in this together,” Christine Clark said in a statement.

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of 32BJ, an organization that defends the rights of workers in the building service field.  I’m proud to stand for the dignity of all work and defend the quality of life for all workers. Working people are the core of our communities and our shared economy. Together we will continue to find solutions that bring all people of NJ forward,” said Laura Fortgang in a statement.


32BJ SEIU is the country’s largest property service union, representing 175,000 members nationwide including 13,000 security officers, doormen, building maintenance workers, office cleaners, airport workers and others in New Jersey.

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