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Contact: Daniel Beckelman
April 4, 2023
Aberdeen-In this politically competitive, northern Monmouth County town, four Republican members of the community has joined together to form collaborative efforts in order to lead Aberdeen into the future. Aberdeen voters have supported the great job the State Senator Declan O’Scanlon, Assembly members Vickie Flynn and Gerard Scharfenberger, and our all-Republican team of Monmouth County officials have done. Now there are candidates ready to earn their support at the local level. Republicans are campaigning to win a majority, as four out of six council seats are up in November.
Michael Vail, a 30-year Aberdeen resident of the ‘B’ section of Strathmore is a CFO of a national trucking company and a Seton Hall graduate. Vail ran for council during the last election. His efforts brought him very close. Now he is determined to work harder to meet more voters during this election, to earn his seat. Once elected, Vail vows to focus on the township infrastructure, primarily, the roads. He will also put emphasis onquality-of-life issues, particularly our security and safety, and more recreational opportunities for our youth.
Susan McGowan, a 22-year Aberdeen resident in Wyndham, has a strong desire to serve our community and exudes diversified knowledge. McGowan,a Kean University graduate, owns a full-service real estate company in Aberdeen, and is a former English/Civics teacher.When elected as councilwoman, McGowan would see to expand commerce, to fill the many commercial vacancies. She is also interested in implementing aprofessional platform for residents to voice concerns, offer suggestions and get involved. Shealso desires to broaden the township’s Senior program. McGowan demonstrations of community involvement included supporting teams and evens. McGowan is the creator of Aberdeen’s Got Talent. McGowan is a member of the Aberdeen-Matawan Chamber of Commerce and recently served on the Aberdeen Economic Business Council.
Michael Olesen is an 18-year resident of Cliffwood Beach and is employed as a Security Manager. Olesen believes we have a great community but too many neighborhoods have issues which are being ignored by the incumbent Democrats. Mr. Olesen would like to see more timely improvements to roads, a better community center, and in general, more common-sense government. Olesen will work hard, create a back-to-basics plan, one which will include each neighborhood in Aberdeen Township.
Carl Zanchelli a 5-year resident of the “I” section in Strathmore has prior elected experience as a fire commissioner in Deer Park, New York. Carl graduated from the New York City Police Academy and is the business representative for the New York City District Council of Carpenters. He also serves as the President of Local Union 1556 Dockbuilder/Timbermen. Zanchelli’s background will be a strong asset to the council. Once elected, Zanchelli will put his efforts into a road repair plan and other infrastructure. He is also interested in providing more opportunities for our youth.
Together, this ticket and the Aberdeen Republican Party are serious about working hard for the residents of Aberdeen and our community. They are committed to their Republican beliefs, but more importantly,want to be responsive to what the voters of all affiliations want for our community and for Aberdeen to move forward toward a better future. “We are all going to meet the voters, talk about our ideas and experiences, and work hard to gain the community’s support. Then, come January, we will work toward results and make Aberdeen proud of their decision!”said the candidates in a joint conclusion.

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