Adamo for Sheriff Campaign Calls Out Speziale for Misleading Crime Statistics Amidst Surge in Paterson Shootings

Adamo for Sheriff Campaign Calls Out Speziale for Misleading Crime Statistics Amidst Surge in Paterson Shootings

Woodland Park, NJ – As Jerry Speziale campaigns for promotion to Passaic County Sheriff, the city of Paterson experienced a violent Memorial Day weekend with five recent shootings. This alarming spike in violence underscores a recurring pattern of failure and deceit in Speziale’s leadership, as he continues to mislead residents about crime statistics while our community suffers.

Recent Shootings in Paterson:

  • Three Shot in Paterson, Two from Out of State:
    • On May 25, 2024, at approximately 2 a.m., a Paterson man and two out-of-towners were wounded in a shooting near East 30th Street and 18th Avenue. The victims were transported to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries. No suspects have been identified or arrested.
  • Paterson Man Hurt in Memorial Day Shooting on Rosa Parks Boulevard:
    • On May 27, 2024, police responded to a shooting on Rosa Parks Boulevard and East 18th Street, where a 26-year-old Paterson male was found with non-fatal gunshot wounds. The victim was taken to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center, and a potential crime scene was identified in the area.
  • Passaic Man Shot in Paterson:
    • Early Monday morning, a 51-year-old Passaic man was shot near Carroll Street and Pearl Street. He was transported to St. Joseph’s University Medical Center with non-fatal injuries. Authorities are seeking information about the incident.

Jerry Speziale has a long history of leaving jobs and lying about his success. While he posts misleading crime statistics on social media, the reality is completely different. As Paterson’s Public Safety Director, Speziale was in charge of a police department plagued by corruption, culminating in the state Attorney General’s takeover due to a crisis of confidence.

Speziale’s tenure includes:

  • Misleading Crime Statistics: Continually promoting false narratives about crime reduction while the reality on the ground is a surge in violence and shootings.
  • Corruption in the Robbery Squad: Under his leadership, the infamous “Robbery Squad” operated with impunity, stealing from residents and falsifying reports.
  • Failure to Ensure Public Safety: The recent shootings over the Memorial Day weekend are a direct result of Speziale’s inability to manage and ensure the safety of Paterson’s residents.

“The Police Director is more concerned about highlighting his decades-old narcotics career than the well-being of Paterson’s residents,” said Chief Thomas Adamo.

Meanwhile, Jerry Speziale is busy giving interviews during the workday while he campaigns for his next position, even as the state has entered its second year of control over Jerry’s police department.

Chief Thomas Adamo and the Passaic County Democratic Organization demand accountability and transparency from Jerry Speziale. His pattern of misleading the public, abandoning responsibilities, and failing to address corruption must end. Paterson residents deserve a leader prioritizing their safety and well-being over personal gain. County residents and families deserve a sheriff who can keep Sheriff Berdnik’s legacy of progress moving forward from day one.

Endorsements for Real Leadership:

Chief Thomas Adamo and County Commissioner candidates Sandi Lazzara, Rodney De Vore, and John Bartlett are committed to maintaining integrity, transparency, and effective leadership in Passaic County. They have received widespread support from:

  • Law Enforcement Endorsements: Including endorsements from local police chiefs and law enforcement officials who recognize Chief Adamo’s commitment to public safety.
  • Elected Officials: Governor Phil Murphy, U.S. Senator Cory Booker, Congressional Representatives Bill Pascrell, Josh Gottheimer, and Mikie Sherrill, and various state legislators.
  • Diverse Clergy: Latino and African American clergy members who trust Chief Adamo’s vision for a safer, more inclusive community.

As the June 4th primary election approaches, voters must be informed about the true nature of Speziale’s record and the positive, forward-looking vision of Chief Adamo and the Passaic County Democratic team.

For more information about the campaign and endorsements, please visit


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