Advocates for Youth Respond to NJ Sex Ed Plan

Politico reported this week that NJ Republican lawmakers are continuing their crusade against the health and physical education state learning standards – which include sex-ed – and have come up with a new legislative plan called the “Three Rs plan,” which is a direct jab at Advocates for Youth’s 3Rs Curriculum.


Statement from Debra Hauser, President, Advocates for Youth

“It’s disappointing, though not surprising, to see conservatives approach sex education in a spirit of glib sarcasm rather than actually working for the health of New Jersey’s students.  New Jersey was among the first states to mandate sex education back in 1980. It was a bold and progressive move that was celebrated across the state.  New Jersey also led the country during the height of the HIV epidemic, implementing innovative policies and providing HIV education to help thwart the rising rates—a model that was later emulated across the country.  It’s sad to see such a forward thinking state be pulled back into the dark ages, the victim of a misinformation campaign that has intentionally distorted what is taught in sex education and knowingly misrepresented our 3Rs curriculum.  Unfortunately, those who will suffer most from this misguided smear campaign are New Jersey’s students.


Advocates for Youth is proud of the resources we offer, including and especially our Rights. Respect, Responsibility Sex Education Curriculum. It is evidence informed, rights-based and LGBTQ inclusive.  It scaffolds lesson plans so that students learn the age appropriate information they need as they grow. We believe NJ’s young people deserve honest sex education. We believe they have the right to benefit from 40 years of public health research that clearly shows the protective benefits of such an education.  And when offered the truth and not a campaign of lies and mistruths, we know New Jersey’s families agree.”

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