Ocean Township, NJ — Legislative District 11 General Assembly candidates Mike Amoroso and Matt Woolley called on their opponents, who championed legislation that cost ten LD-11 school districts a combined $65 million by 2025, to stop ignoring the students and families who are suffering because of the funding cuts they supported.

Assembly-members Houghtaling and Downey this week hosted Passaic County Assemblyman Gary Schaer for a tour of Freehold Borough schools. Unfortunately, Assemblyman Schaer did not have the opportunity to visit the thousands of students and parents across LD-11 who are adversely affected by Senate Bill 2.

“We are thrilled Freehold Borough students and their dedicated educators are receiving additional school funding after being snubbed for years by Trenton Democrats. But it is disappointing that Houghtaling and Downey neglected to bring Assemblyman Schaer to meet with students and leaders from any of the school districts forced to cut resources and programs, and raise property taxes,” said Woolley. “Mike and I would like to formally invite the Assemblyman back to LD-11 at his convenience to hear from those who have been hurt by the plan he supported in partnership with our opponents.”

In the upcoming fiscal year, Allenhurst, Asbury Park, Deal, Eatontown, Freehold Regional, Monmouth Regional, Neptune City, Neptune Township, Ocean Township and Tinton Falls school districts will be hit with $10 million in cuts.

Amoroso continued, “We certainly support increased funding for the districts that were ignored by the Democratic majority for years, but this bill merely shifted funds. We need a complete overhaul of school funding that ensures all schools receive enough funding while not pitting districts against one another. Every student is a priority to us and we will fight hard for equitable funding and maintaining high educational standards for all districts.”

Mike Amoroso of Freehold Township and Matt Woolley of Ocean Township have pledged to put students’ needs first, stop pitting districts against one another and fight to restore the funding cuts to LD-11 schools.


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