Amy Kennedy Announces Older Americans Policy, Endorsed by Social Security Works


Amy Kennedy Announces Older Americans Policy, Endorsed by Social Security Works


Brigantine, NJ — Today, Amy Kennedy, candidate for New Jersey’s Second Congressional District, announced her Older Americans Policy for South Jersey and was endorsed by Social Security Works.


In the plan, Amy commits to protecting and strengthening Medicare and Social Security, lowering prescription drug prices, upholding the right to a secure retirement, expanding long-term care benefits and investing in brain and mental health.


“Every American deserves to retire with dignity. I’m proud to put forth a plan that ensures that Medicare and Social Security are protected and I’m honored to have the support of Social Security Works,” said Amy Kennedy. “For years, these vital programs have been under attack. In Congress, I’ll fight to protect our seniors and to ensure they have access to affordable health care, lower prescription drug prices, and to their hard earned retirement benefits.”


“We are proud to endorse Amy Kennedy in South Jersey, who is a true champion for seniors and will work tirelessly to protect Social Security and Medicare. We endorsed Jeff Van Drew in 2018, but now he’s supporting a party that is threatening these programs and the hard-earned benefits of older Americans,” said Jon Bauman, President of Social Security Works. “We know Amy will support our mission and we look forward to working with her in Congress.”


“I worked for over 38 years, like many Americans, believing that one day one day I would have access to Social Security and Medicare and the benefits I worked my entire life for. I depend on these benefits to have a roof over my head and to maintain my health,” said Mary Slomine, Municipal Chair of Margate. “I’m voting for Amy Kennedy in November because she’s committed to fighting for the hard earned benefits of older Americans. She will protect pensions, Social Security and Medicare and she will work to make sure our generation and those to come can retire without fear of losing everything we’ve worked for.”


Amy was also endorsed by The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

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