Amy Kennedy Endorsed by Black Faith and Community Leaders in South Jersey


Amy Kennedy Endorsed by Black Faith and Community Leaders in South Jersey


Ocean County, NJ – Today, four prominent Black faith and community leaders endorsed Amy Kennedy for New Jersey’s Second Congressional District, including:


Pastor Willie Francois, Mount Zion Baptist, Pleasantville

Pastor James Dunkins, Shiloh Baptist Church, Vineland and Shiloh Baptist Church, Port Norris

Pastor Robert Hargroves, Fellowship of Churches

Pastor John Gandy, Abundant life Worship Center Church, Harbor City


“We are in an undeniable moment of change in our history. In order to make real change, we need to make sure we are addressing systemic racism across our systems, including in health care, education and government,” said Amy Kennedy. “I’m honored to have the support of South Jersey’s Black faith and community leaders, who do so much to protect and serve their communities. I’m committed today, and every day, to ensure equality and justice for all.”


Systemic racism in our country—whether it’s police violence or disparities in wealth and health care—will no longer be normalized, and politicians who take black votes for granted will no longer be acceptable. That’s why we need a leader like Amy Kennedy, who has actually stood with black leaders and has committed to making real structural change to improve Black lives and the lives of all South Jersey working people” said Pastor Francois. “Moving beyond sanctimonious rhetoric and cliche trivialities, Amy has embodied racial justice when the camera was not watching. She has boldly and consistently stood with us in calling for equity and justice during this time of crisis.But more than that, Amy has listened, with empathy and solidarity, to the voices of people who are too often abandoned and rendered voiceless in the political process and in the halls of power. As congresswoman, she will bring the people of our region together, and together, move us all forward.”


“Young people today are crying out for justice and meaningful change. Black voters and faith voters are standing with our young people, speaking with one voice to demand dignity and equality,” said Pastor Dunkins. “Ms. Kennedy has stood with us all throughout this trying time of both a health crisis and a crisis of national leadership. It’s important that we come  together now and elect a leader who will listen to us, stand with us, and work with us to unify our people for the fight ahead to change this district and this country in November.”


Additionally, Reggie Love, President Obama’s former aide, and former NJ-02 candidate Tanzie Youngblood, recorded a robo call on behalf of Amy that went out to voters over the weekend. Scripts included below:


  • Hi, this is Reggie Love, former Special Assistant to President Barack Obama.  Our country needs leaders who will represent all of us and will restore hope and integrity into politics.  Amy Kennedy is that kind of leader.  She will stand up to the hateful racist politics of Trump.  And she will fight back against Trump and Van Drew’s attempt to take away Obama Care in the middle of a pandemic that has disproportionately impacted communities of color.  Please make your voice heard by voting for Amy Kennedy for Congress and mail in your ballot today.

  • Hi this is Tanzie Youngblood. For too long the South Jersey political machine has tried to take away our voices.   First they coronated Jeff Van Drew who turned out to be a Republican.  Now they want to coronate Brigid Harrison who supported Chris Christie for President over Barack Obama.  They are trying to buy the election with an onslaught of negative personal attacks against Amy Kennedy.   We can NOT let that happen.  We need to make our voices heard for change by supporting Amy Kennedy for Congress.  Please mail in your ballot right away.


This endorsement is just one in a long list of endorsements for Amy Kennedy, including: Governor Phil Murphy, Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver, Martin Luther King III, Tanzie Youngblood, Councilman Kaleem Shabazz, End Citizens United, Communication Workers of America, New Jersey Education Association, NJ CD 2 Progressive Democrats, NJ Working Families Alliance, Equality PAC and Taking the Hill PAC.

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