Amy Kennedy and Governor Murphy Hold Virtual Campaign Rally


Amy Kennedy and Governor Murphy Hold Virtual Campaign Rally


Brigantine, NJ – On Wednesday, July 1 at 6:00 p.m., Amy Kennedy and Governor Murphy held a virtual campaign rally on Facebook Live.  Last week, the Governor announced his endorsement of Amy Kennedy for New Jersey’s Second Congressional District.

Just six days from the New Jersey primary elections, Amy talked about why she decided to run for Congress and what is at stake in this election.  Governor Murphy discussed vote-by-mail and the importance of voters making their voices heard, especially in the middle of a global pandemic, as well as why he endorsed Amy.


“When Jeff Van Drew switched parties and pledged his undying support to Donald Trump, I felt compelled to step up because there was no one fighting for the people of South Jersey. I have been a member of the South Jersey community for my entire life and I understand that people here need better paying jobs, access to affordable healthcare, and to have their voice heard in our political process,” said Amy Kennedy. “Now, more than ever, leadership matters, integrity matters, service matters, and making sure that every voice is heard matters.  I am so honored to have the support of thousands and thousands of people all across the district and I can’t wait to work together to beat Jeff Van Drew and turn this district blue again in the fall.”


“I endorsed Amy because I know she will be a tireless fighter to help create economic opportunity in the face of a crisis, to expand access to affordable and equitable health care, to provide the mental health services our communities need, and to fix our broken political system,” said Governor Phil Murphy. “Vote-by-mail is the safest way to hold an election during the pandemic and ensure that all voices are heard. We have one week — one week to get everyone you know who hasn’t yet filled out their ballot to vote for Amy and mail it back. It all comes down to this — South Jersey needs a strong, compassionate, and progressive voice in Congress, with integrity and a commitment to community.  I am proud to be standing with the next Congresswoman from NJ-2!”


The rally can be viewed here.

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