Amy Kennedy Releases Comprehensive Health Care Plan 


Amy Kennedy Releases Comprehensive Health Care Plan


“Now more than ever, we need a leader who will make healthcare affordability and access a priority.”


Brigantine, NJ – Today, Amy Kennedy, candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s second district, released a comprehensive health care plan, detailing her commitment to make healthcare affordability and access her top  priority, as a member of Congress.


Specifically, Kennedy pledges to fight to make sure everyone has access to health care as we fight COVID-19; to work to fix the systemic problems in our healthcare system, including high costs and inequitable access and outcomes; and to make the investments we need now to prevent future crises.


Amy Kennedy said, “I was born and raised in South Jersey and understand the struggles that many families face here. Now more than ever, we need a leader who will make healthcare affordability and access a priority. COVID-19 has exposed a healthcare emergency here at home and across the country.  It is unconscionable that, in the middle of this crisis, Donald Trump, Jeff Van Drew and the Republicans in Congress are still trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Health care is a human right.  In Congress, I will fight to lower healthcare costs by preserving and improving Obamacare, prioritizing mental health and opioid addiction treatment, protecting people with preexisting conditions, and taking on the drug companies to lower prescription drug prices.  I am proud to carry on the legacy of my father-in-law, Ted Kennedy, who made fighting for access to affordable health care one of the causes of his life.”

“For more than two decades, I have worked as a social worker at an academic medical center where I have witnessed far too much adversity and hardship. I know that solving complex issues requires persistence, the ability to forge relationships with people from all walks of life and a deep understanding of our concerns,” said Lisa Maiale-Howell Hammonton.  “Amy Kennedy not only understands the depths of the issues we’re facing, she is also committed to bringing much needed change that will provide us with access to quality and affordable health and mental health care.”


“During the forty years I have been a clinical social worker in southern New Jersey I have seen first-hand the devastating impacts of mental health issues that are affecting this community.  Though we’ve made progress through the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies and the current administration are working to strip citizens of the mental health services they need,” said Nia Kardos, licensed clinical social worker. “Children, grandparents, veterans, public service employees and first responders are suffering needlessly.  Amy Kennedy is committed to providing our community the resources we need to address the mental health crisis that is claiming so many lives. Her knowledge and experience as a teacher and a mental health advocate, will give South Jersey residents the leader they deserve.”


“Amy Kennedy’s healthcare plan is a welcome reprieve to our community. For too long patients have been treated as a number and consequently fallen through the cracks of a flawed healthcare system,” said Alex Winkler,  NJ Paramedic.  “As a frontline first responder, I support Amy Kennedy and her pledge to protect the Affordable Care Act and ensure that the people here in South Jersey receive access to the high quality of care we deserve.”


Amy’s health care plan is the latest in a series of comprehensive policy plans that she has released including a Workers’ Bill of Rights, a Veterans Policy, and a Clean Elections plan, among others, all detailing how she will fight for the people of South Jersey as a member of Congress.

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