An open letter to Governor Murphy concerning the recent significant increase in the loss of marine life

Governor Murphy,

We are writing today to appeal for an immediate moratorium on all offshore wind activity in light of the recent significant increase in whale deaths and the loss of other marine life along the Jersey shore and in our waters. While we understand the need to find alternative energy sources that help reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources, we must be sure that our current practices are safe for the environment and the animals with whom we share our world.

The protection and sustainability of marine life is paramount; thus, a pause in activity to consider and research the exact cause is critical. Therefore, we implore you to temporarily halt any offshore wind activity until the clear reasons are accurately determined and can be considered. Doing so would provide the time needed to gain an accurate understanding of what has happened, can lead to successful, informed, and long-lasting ocean management practices, and reduce any future loss of marine life.

While we recognize your desire to implement renewable energy goals for the state, we affirm it is ill-advised and unconscionable to overlook the disastrous consequences of failing to protect our shorelines and ocean. We must take decisive action to understand the impacts of this developing industry and find a balance between renewable energy objectives and the health of our ocean’s ecosystem. Otherwise, our efforts will come to nothing.

We must take collective action now to protect our ocean’s precious ecosystem and balance the renewable energy objectives of the state. We cannot afford to wait any longer; the presenting problems of this developing industry are too important to ignore. We thank you for your attention to this urgent matter and implore you to consider our request earnestly.


Assemblywomen Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner

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