Animal Welfare Association’s Pet Fire Safety Initiative Provides Tips to Protect Your Pets

Animal Welfare Association’s Pet Fire Safety Initiative Provides Tips to Protect Your Pets


July 15, 2021


Voorhees, NJ-Animal Welfare Association established its Pet Fire Safety awareness initiative to help educate the public on preventing pet-related fires, establishing pet evacuation plans and evaluating pet’s health after exposure to fire or smoke.


“Fires not only affect thousands of pets annually, nearly 1,000 house fires are caused by pets each year,” says Animal Welfare Association Executive Director Maya Richmond. “Animal Welfare Association recognizes Pet Fire Safety day on July 15 and Fire Prevention Week in October, although protecting our pets is a year-round responsibility.”


Homeowners can create a safer space for their pets by following Pet Fire Safety’s prevention methods. Steps toward fire prevention include supervising lit candles, keeping open flames and electrical cords out of reach, placing flammable cleaners in protected cabinets and monitoring fireplaces for flammable materials.


Animal Welfare Association suggests that pet owners place decals on windows to identify the number and type of pets inside their home. Families should also include pets in their evacuation plans, store a leash or pet carrier in an easily accessible location and ensure that all microchips are updated and ID tags are worn.


In the event of a house fire, emergency workers can provide oxygen support if your pet experiences difficulty breathing. A veterinarian should examine and observe your pet, especially if they smell like smoke.


For more information on Pet Fire Safety, visit our Pet Care Resources on




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