April Ballots Committee Calls for Return to April School Board Elections in Jersey

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April Ballots Committee Calls for Return to April School Board Elections in Jersey

Jersey City, NJ – The April Ballots Committee, a coalition of Jersey City residents, has announced the launch of a petition drive to advocate for the return of school board elections to their traditional April time slot, specifically on the third Tuesday of April, which aligns with the day Board of Education elections are held across New Jersey. The campaign begins on April 16th, 2024.

“The shift to November elections has diluted the focus on our children’s education,” said Diane Atwell, a member of the April Ballots Coalition. “We need to bring the elections back to April, on the third Tuesday, to ensure that our school board is directly accountable to the community it serves.”

The Coalition cites a series of governance failures, including the approval of a $1.1 billion budget without adequate public input, as evidence of the need for change. “Our children’s future is at stake,” stated Vernon Richardson, another Coalition member. “We must demand transparency and accountability from those who govern our schools.”

Elna Mukaida emphasized the importance of civic engagement, “April elections will allow our community to have a focused voice in the decisions that affect our schools, free from the noise of national and state-level races.”

Kathryn Moore, also a member of the Coalition, pointed out that “Restoring April elections is not just about tradition; it’s about aligning the electoral process with the school budgetary cycle and enhancing responsible governance.”

Mary Miraglia, a fellow Coalition member, added, “We are taking this step not only to restore order but to ensure that our schools are responsive to the needs of our students and families.”

The April Ballots Committee is urging the Jersey City Council to place a referendum on the November ballot to allow voters to decide on the election date change. The Coalition’s petition drive is a crucial step in this process, and they invite the media to witness the launch of this significant civic initiative.

About the April Ballots Committee:
The April Ballots Committee is comprised of Jersey City residents dedicated to promoting good governance and accountability in the Jersey City School District. The Committee believes that an April school board election, specifically on the third Tuesday of April, is essential for maintaining high levels of community involvement and ensuring that the school board remains responsive to the needs of students and families.


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