Armstead: Linden City Committee Rejects Scutari’s Politics of Self-Interest and Viciousness

Linden Mayor Derek Armstead sent a letter to U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito asking for an investigation into business dealings between Parktowne Associates, which is owned by Union County Manager Ed Oatman and Union County Democratic Committee Executive Director Nick Fixmer, and various campaigns and publicly funded interests.

Armstead: Linden City Committee Rejects Scutari’s Politics of Self-Interest and Viciousness

Mayor Derek Armstead today said that his election as Democratic Chairman for the City of
Linden was a clear rejection of the politics of self-interest and viciousness espoused by
Senator/County Chairman and former City democratic Chairman Nick Scutari. “Last week the
voters in Linden once again rejected Scutari; last night our democratic city committee did the
same”, Armstead said. “The residents of our city have had enough.”

Armstead said for Scutari and his inner circle, this isn’t about political leadership or style; its’
about the proverbial “cash cow’. “Scutari raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on
campaigns in Linden, Fanwood and Clark. So how does this work? The County Manager and the
Executive Director of the Union County Democratic Committee get paid thousand and thousands
to run these campaigns. The money is raised from county vendors. If you check any Election
Law reports for the county, the treasurer is Laura Scutari, Nick’s cousin; and her day job is Head
of Purchasing for Union County. Their brazenness should take our breathe away. But sadly, we
can only assume that Nick is confident that he and his cronies are immune from the scrutiny that
corruption and conflicts of interest like this should bring.” He said. Armstead said that the
Freeholder Board is useless. “The golden rule for the Freeholder Board when they are made
aware of wrongdoing is not “let’s get to the bottom of this,” but rather “who squealed?”

“Let me assure the people of the City of Linden and Union County that I will continue to reject
Scutari’s politics of divisiveness and do everything in my power to shine a bright light on what is
happening at the county level” Armstead added.

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