Assembly Judiciary Committee Releases A4743 Bill To Expand Access To Standard Driver’s Licenses To More Residents 

Assembly Judiciary Committee Releases A4743 Bill To Expand Access To Standard Driver’s Licenses To More Residents 


Let’s Drive NJ applauds the Assembly Judiciary Committee releasing A4743 with a 4-2 vote and urge the Senate Transportation Committee to clear bill S3229 


TRENTON– Monday, December 9th, 2018 — Assembly bill A4743 that would extend access to the standard driver’s license and create a REAL ID license, sponsored by Assembly Judiciary Chairwoman Annette Quijano, Assemblyman Mukerji, Assemblywoman Huttle, Assemblyman Shaer, Assemblyman Johnson, and Assemblyman Danielsen, cleared the Assembly Judiciary committee with a 4-2 vote.


Advocates, impacted residents, and elected officials submitted testimony in support at today’s committee hearing. Overwhelmingly, 42 written testimony in favor of the bill were submitted to the committee in support with 2 written testimonies opposing.


Farrin Anello, Senior Staff Attorney said,

“ACLU-NJ supports this bill based upon core principles of equality, privacy, and transparency. Our state should treat all New Jerseyans fairly, so everyone can live their lives, care for their children, and contribute to their communities.”


Gabriela Agudelo, the member with Wind of the Spirit said,

Passing the driver’s license proposed legislation will directly benefit the well being of citizens like myself a child of an undocumented immigrant. Access to a driver’s license will prevent more humiliating situations like the ones my mom has been through at my school when she cannot provide a state ID. She never stepped foot into my school again. Passing this bill will prevent families from being separated. Passing this bill is a common-sense legislation. Let’s do what’s right.

Tatiana Rodriguez, who testified before the committee and a member of Make the Road New Jersey and Elizabeth, NJ resident said,

“Today the Assembly Judiciary Committee took a key step in expanding access to drivers licenses for all qualified drivers, regardless of immigration status. As an immigrant who came here as a twelve year old, but who cannot get a license since the Trump administration ended the DACA program, I am grateful for the committees vote. Having a license means being able to take my son to the doctor, and to his soccer games. I am so proud to be part of a movement fighting for justice for our families, and I am confident we will get this bill across the finish line. Thank you to Assemblywoman Annette Quijano for her extraordinary leadership.”


Cristian Moreno-Rodriguez, who testified before the committee and is a member of the Hispanic Association of Atlantic County said,

“Growing up my mom worked as a housekeeper, and every day she walked and took the bus to work for lack of access to a license, whether 30 degrees outside in the freezing winter or during a torrential thunderstorm. It eventually occurred to me that her 2-hour bus ride in South Jersey is only a 20-minute car ride. I realized my parents gave up their dignity, risked everything so that we could have a real future. I speak for my father and my mother, and I thank this committee for approving legislation A4743, so people like my parents can live with dignity, and raise their families without fear ”


Fourteen states and Washington D.C. have implemented similar policy measures with many states experiencing a decrease in the rates of uninsured motorists and along with it an increase in road safety. Studies show rates of uninsurance decreasing significantly in Utah, California, and New Mexico after the implementation of expanded access to driver’s licenses.



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