Atlantic County Young Republicans Chairman Brian Fitzherbert Statement On Murphy Budget

South Jersey’s Harry Hurley reports that Brian Fitzherbert has announced his candidacy in Congressional District 2. Last year, Fitzherbert vied for the GOP nomination in a crowded primary, but was knocked off the ballot after rival Hirsh Singh challenged his petition signature.

For Immediate Release

There’s a reason the residents of Massachusetts call their state “Taxachusetts” and it doesn’t appear that Governor Phil Murphy took notice when he lived in the Bay State. I did, and could only live there for a year before it became too expensive.

The budget passed by Democratic-controlled legislature is a liberal dream filled with taxes and ways to make the Garden State harder to do business in and even more unaffordable to live. This is why companies and people, specifically millennials, leave New Jersey. Along with the tax revenue from their income.

Retirees leave for the Carolinas and Florida. Middle-class New Jerseyans leave for the Midwest. Millennials leave for anywhere that will provide a job to make an income, pay off student loans, save for a house, start a family, and prepare for their own retirement; because we millennials know Social Security will be bankrupt by the time we get there.

Republicans like Chris Brown (NJ) in the Senate and those in the Assembly rejected this tax and spend liberal disaster. Good. That arms them with plenty of talking points as we head to the 2019 elections next year.

But this November is on the radar. Democratic Congressional Nominee and State Senator Jeff Van Drew / Van Drew for Congress voted against this budget because he knew Senator Sweeney had the votes to pass this ridiculous budget. He will not be given that leeway by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats if he defeats Republican Nominee Seth Grossman. Young voters, not just in Atlantic County, but across #NJ02 would be wise to remember that fact.

Brian T. Fitzherbert
Chairman, Atlantic County Young Republicans

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