March 22, 2019 Toms River, NJ

“I’m IN!” With those two words, Heather Barone entered the race for the republican nomination for Toms River Township Council.

Candidate Biography:

My passionate love of Toms River is what has brought me to the decision to seek election to the Township Council. As a Reagan Republican, I have watched the traditional republican party in Toms River deteriorate under the watchful eye of Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore and for that reason I am running independent of and without seeking their endorsement.

I was born at Paul Kimball Hospital and my family settled in North Dover at an early age. I attended North Dover Elementary School where I couldn’t have asked for a more loving and supportive school environment. Our class sizes were small and the learning experience remains with me even to this day.

I then attended Toms River Intermediate West (now known as Intermediate North) and Toms River High School North where I learned the importance of team building as a standout member of the softball team. High school is a formative time for many and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything in the world. Great classmates, great teachers and true camaraderie.

After high school I attended the University of West Chester where I continued my softball career and earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood learning. Upon graduation I was hired by the Toms River Regional School District where I taught 4th and 6th grade students at East Dover Elementary School for four years.

At the urging of my parents, I then joined the family business while attending the College for Financial Planning where I earned a Master’s degree in financial planning. I am now one of the principle owners of our family financial planning firm in Toms River.

When my husband and I married, the thought of leaving North Dover never crossed our minds. At the time that we purchased our home, neighbors had already begun selling due to environmental concerns associated with the high-density, Lakewood style development happening to the north. Instead of reconsidering our purchase, we chose to make North Dover our home where we are currently raising our two sons. Truly, we LOVE Toms River.

Through all of these years my desire to serve a greater good has driven me to a number of endeavors.
As the current President of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Ocean County, I have advanced the protections of the courts for abused and neglected foster children. Insuring that children are given the best opportunity for success through a stable family environment is a passion of mine.

As a current member of the Ocean County Library Commission I have a unique understanding of the important role the public library can play in a child’s upbringing. Ocean County has a nationally recognized library system and I am proud to help guide the policies that will insure that we continue to deliver incomparable service to our patrons with a strong emphasis on resources for children.

Finally, as a member of the Toms River Planning Board I have learned first hand of the debilitating affects that development can have on our environment, schools and infrastructure. I scrutinize each application to insure that it strictly conforms with current zoning requirements AND that it contributes to better, healthier Toms River. On more than one occasion I have been the lone voice of dissent on a governing body that otherwise has been a rubber stamp for development.

I believe in a smaller, less intrusive governing body that puts the wants, needs and desires of residents first, always. Toms River is a most remarkable place to live, work and play and it is my intention to insure that it is even better for the next generation.

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