On Behalf of Steven Rogers for Governor

On Behalf of Steven Rogers for Governor,

Statement Just Issued To The Press Upon Their Request

Affordable Housing: With regard to affordable housing: Veterans and citizens with disabilities and special needs should get preference. I am opposed to the court ordered mandates with regard to how many units a community must construct. We have too much judicial and government overreach with regard to issues like this.  As Governor I will leave such issues like this in the hands of the people who live in communities affected by these mandates.  This is why we have local elections. 

Sanctuary Cities: Regarding Sanctuary cities: As Governor I will oppose the establishment of such cities and deny any city established as a sanctuary city funding that is eliminated from the federal government. NJ taxpayers should pay for what in my view would be an illegal act by politicians. Furthermore, I will direct my Attorney General to begin the process of prosecuting any elected official who breaks the law with regard to this issue. No politician is above the law.

We will obey the law and follow federal guidelines.
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