Bell Challenges the Two Chris Browns to Debate in Every Town

Bell Challenges the Two Chris Browns
to Debate in Every Town
(Atlantic City, NJ) –Today, former Assistant Atlantic County Prosecutor Colin Bell, Democratic candidate for State Senate in New Jersey’s 2nd Legislative District, challenged his two opponents to debate at least once in all 17 municipalities in the district.
“I look forward to shining the light on my two opponents in this race — Trenton’s Chris Brown and Atlantic County’s Chris Brown. For years Trenton’s Chris Brown has voted against the hard-working residents and businesses of Atlantic County while his counterpart, Atlantic County Chris Brown, goes out and sells voters on the opposite.
‘It’s time for the voters of Atlantic County to see through Mr. Brown’s charade for what he really is — just another Trenton politician willing to do and say anything to get elected.
‘Therefore I challenge Chris Brown to debate me in every municipality in our district, at least once, and I invite members of the press to cover them all. Let’s see which Chris Brown shows up.
‘Atlantic County deserves better than what Mr. Brown has to offer — empty election promises, name calling and insults. I’m running because I believe there’s a better way for Atlantic County and I look forward to sharing my vision for a bright future with the voters.”
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