Black Faith Leaders Endorse Historic Democratic Slate of Bergen County, Johnson for State Senate, Cureton for Sheriff

From left to right: former Englewood Cliffs Councilwoman Ellen Park, Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson, former Tenafly Councilwoman Shama Haider

Black Faith Leaders Endorse Historic Democratic Slate of Bergen County, Johnson for State Senate, Cureton for Sheriff

Bergen County, NJ – A prominent group of Black ministers and faith leaders in Bergen County came together to endorse the historically diverse Democratic slate, headed by Gordon Johnson for State Senate and Anthony Cureton for Sheriff.

“This is a proud day for our community, our county, and the entire State of New Jersey. In one trip to the voting booth, we have the historic opportunity to send a Black man to the State Senate for the first time in Bergen County history, reelect the county’s first elected Black Sheriff, send the first Korean American woman to Trenton in New Jersey history, and send the first Pakistani American and first Muslim to the halls of the statehouse,”  said Rev. Gregory Jackson. “We all know there’s still a long way to go on the path of justice and equality for all but with this ticket from Bergen County, we will travel down that path at a much faster pace.”

“Come November, District 37 voters will be voting on possibly the most diverse, most inclusive, most impressive slate of candidates in the history of New Jersey,” said Rev. Dr. Melanie Miller. “It’s not every day you get to make history but when you are given the chance, you take it.”

“We like to say New Jersey is the most diverse state in the nation, but that means next to nothing without diversity at the decision making table,” said Rev. Calvin McKinney. “Electing Gordon Johnson to the state’s upper house is key to bringing more equity and diversity to state appointments and judgeships, making not only Bergen County but the all entire State of New Jersey fairer, more equal, and better represented.”

Additional faith leaders endorsing the Democratic Committee of Bergen County’s slate includes: 

Rev. John Bazemore
Rev. Eric Brewer
Rev. Arthur Bryant
Bishop Winston Christian
Pastor Elmo Crocker
Rev. Dr. Robert Curry
Rev. Timothy Daugett
Rev. Carolyn Davis
Rev. John Givens
Rev. M. Elouise Hill Challenger
Rev. Innica Humphrey
Rev. Dwayne J. Jackson
Rev. Gregory Jackson
Rev. Ivor Keizer
Rev. Dr. Drew Kendall Ross
Rev. George Maize
Rev. Adrian McFarlane
Rev. Calvin McKinney
Rev. Elaine Merritt
Rev. Dr. Melanie Miller
Rev. Peg Niederer
Rev. Dr. John O. Page
Rev. Shaun Pate
Rev. Joann Pearson
Rev. Neil Pereira
Elder Roydel Plummer
Rev. Henry Redmond
Rev. Dorian Schenk
Rev. Dr. Booker T. Sears
Rev. Robert Smith
Rev. Eddie Spencer
Rev. Fred Sullivan
Rev. Dr. Lester Taylor
Rev. Javis Williamson
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