Bramnick says focus should be on inaction of Democrat majority, not governor


WESTFIELD, N.J. – Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick today said the public should hold the Democratic majority in the legislature accountable for their unwillingness to fix the state’s major problems.

“The attacks against Governor Chris Christie from within and outside the Republican Party are misdirected,” said Bramnick (R-Union).  “For the past fifteen years the Democrats have held both houses of the Legislature and failed to address the economic problems in the state.”

Bramnick listed the important issues that the Democrats failed to address in the Legislature including:

–          The school funding formula, which keeps property taxes high;

–          COAH, which is court mandated affordable housing costing municipalities millions;

–          Sick leave payouts, costing municipalities millions and keeping property taxes high; and

–          Pension and health benefit reforms that need to be initiated to lower property taxes.

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