Bridgewater Township Announces 2023 Municipal Budget: Third Consecutive Year in Which Tax Rate Is Flat or Lowered

Bridgewater Township Announces 2023 Municipal Budget:

Third Consecutive Year in Which Tax Rate Is Flat or Lowered

Bridgewater Township, April 20, 2023 – Bridgewater Township is pleased to announce the introduction of the 2023 municipal budget, including a slight decrease in the tax rate, making 2023 the third year in a row in which the tax rate was flat or lowered. The budget was introduced at the public Township Council meeting held on Thursday, April 20, 2023, after an exhaustive budget preparation process.

The 2023 budget, totaling $47 million, reflects the Township’s commitment to responsible financial management and the provision of high-quality services to its residents. The budget includes funding for key priorities, including public safety, infrastructure improvements, and community programs.

“A budget is more than just a collection of numbers: it’s a reflection of our values. It illustrates for all to see what we as a community consider important, where we want to allocate our resources, and how we intend to achieve our goals,” said Mayor Matthew Moench in his budget address. “Bridgewater values consistency, and so for the third year in a row the Bridgewater budget has a flat or slightly lower municipal tax rate. Good municipal government should, at its core, be stable and consistent. I know I speak for all who contributed to this endeavor when I say that we are proud to have delivered that consistency and stability in the 2023 budget.”

Key highlights of the 2023 budget include:

  • Year three of the Township’s 5-Year Road Improvement Plan, with an $8 million bond ordinance to complete road repairs and improvements and continued payments on prior projects.
  • $11 million for public safety, including the hiring of four additional police officers to spearhead the groundbreaking Community Policing initiative.
  • $1.2 million for community programs, including funding for parks and recreation, libraries, cultural events, and the senior center.

“We are mindful of how the uncertain economy, hyperinflation, and rising interest rates impact every Bridgewater family. Within that challenging environment and with rising expenses to operate Bridgewater’s government, we have continued to prioritize delivering needed services and invest for our future at the lowest possible cost,” said Township Council President and Finance Committee member Michael Kirsh. “As is true for every family over the last several years, the Mayor and Council have had to make tough decisions to maintain affordability. I am particularly proud that this budget spends $557,000 less than in 2022 and lowers the tax rate at a time when non-tax revenue continues a particularly slow recovery.”

The 2023 budget is available for review on the Bridgewater Township website, and residents are encouraged to provide feedback and ask questions. The Township remains committed to transparency and open communication with its residents.

“Budgets are an exercise in compromise,” added Council Vice President and Finance Committee member Tim Ring, “and I think that can be very valuable. It requires collaboration and tough decisions. We must balance competing priorities and make difficult trade-offs to ensure that we allocate resources in a way that best serves our community. While we may not always agree on every detail, I believe that by working together and finding common ground, we have developed a budget that reflects our shared values and moves Bridgewater forward.”

Mayor Moench had this final word to say, “We are proud to present a budget that invests in the future of Bridgewater Township while maintaining a fiscally responsible approach. Our team has worked hard to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used wisely and efficiently, and we believe that this budget reflects our commitment to our residents and our values as a Township.”

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