Bucco Secures Funding Within FY18 Budget for Lake Hopatcong

Bucco Secures Funding Within FY18 Budget for Lake Hopatcong

Senator Anthony Bucco (R-Morris) announced that the Fiscal Year 2018 State Budget includes his resolution appropriating funds for weed harvesting to protect and maintain Lake Hopatcong – New Jersey’s largest freshwater lake.

Sen. Anthony Bucco has secured funding within the FY18 State Budget for weed harvesting at Lake Hopatcong. The Senator has long advocated for increasing aid to protect and maintain the lake. (Lake Hopatcong Foundation)

“I have fought for years to secure a funding within the State budget to protect Lake Hopatcong,” Senator Bucco said. “As any homeowner will tell you, weed growth is not only out of control, it gets worse every year. Local taxpayers should not have to pay out of their own pocket to maintain a state-owned lake. Now, we may finally have the financial resources to ensure boaters and swimmers can safely navigate the lake for years to come.”

Lake Hopatcong has become overrun run with invasive weeds – a rapidly growing problem that is threatening the long term health of the increasingly fragile ecosystem. Local officials and advocates have said that some areas of the lake are no longer navigable.

Weed harvesting efforts at the state-run lake have declined, due to a lack of dedicated funding for maintenance. This year, weed harvesting was put off until June, which only exasperated the problem.

Senator Bucco’s resolution, as included in the Fiscal Year 2018 State budget, appropriates a Grant-In-Aid to the Lake Hopatcong Commission for weed harvesting.

The budget language reads as follows:

There is appropriated to the Lake Hopatcong Commission such amounts as may be collected from a boat registration surcharge, or other fee as may be authorized pursuant to separate legislation, for the purposes of continuing operations of the commission.

“Lake Hopatcong is not just a regional attraction,” Senator Bucco added. “Tourists come from Delaware, New York City and all over New Jersey to enjoy everything the lake has to offer. Investing in weed control is an investment in our local and state economy. Now that we have secured this funding, I hope I never have to see another local resident or business owner yank up weeds again.”


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