Byrne Accepts Debate Invitation from League of Women Voters

Byrne Accepts Debate Invitation from League of Women Voters


September 20, 2023


Montclair, New Jersey — Republican State Senate candidate Michael D. Byrne has accepted an invitation from the League of Women Voters to participate in a 27th District debate at any time and in any venue.


“All dates work for me,” Byrne declared.  “The Murphy Administration’s assault on parental rights and its targeted sexualization of our children can only be defeated by legislators who are not beholden to party bosses and dependent on massive financial contributions from ideological extremists like the NJEA.”


Byrne said a recent poll by Monmouth University showed that New Jersey voters have almost universal contempt for Murphy’s anti-family, anti-parental rights agenda.


“If we allow state bureaucrats to ban school boards, teachers and guidance counselors from informing and involving parents in the most sensitive aspects of their childrens’ lives, the most fundamental, natural rights we enjoy will be lost forever,” Byrne said.


In accepting the League’s invitation, Byrne also thanked and praised the Montclair Chapter of the organization for supporting his efforts to fight for election integrity in Essex County.  In 2021, Byrne sued the County to find out how and why the votes of twelve (12) Montclair Republicans in Ward 3, District 4 were lost and why the district was certified as having no votes cast.  Then, in 2022, Byrne again sued the County for failing to produce the Cure List showing which voters had submitted votes by mail but whose votes had not yet been counted due to curable defects.  And, earlier this year, Byrne sued the County Clerk for rigging the general election ballot drawing for 17 straight years to give the Democrat Party preferential ballot position on Line A — a statistical impossibility and absurdity.


“In each case, the League of Women voters supported these efforts for transparency and integrity,” Byrne said.  “I am grateful to them and look forward to an open and candid dialogue about the issues confronting the people of the 27th district in the planned debate.”

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