Bashaw Goes After Biden as Serrano Glassner Tries to Pull Him into a Fight

Republican Senate candidate Curtis Bashaw is out with a TV ad that attacks Joe Biden. Here’s the beginning:

“We are reeling from inflation. Joe Biden opened our borders, weakened America around the world, and New Jersey Senators have rubber-stamped it. I’m Curtis Bashaw. I’m running to break the one party monopoly and bring conservative, common sense to Washington.”

Standard fare for any Republican, but Bashaw’s goal at the moment is winning the June 4 primary against Christine Serrano Glassner, the mayor of Mendham.

A while back, Bashaw and former candidate Alex Zdan asked Serrano Glassner to leave the race in the name of GOP unity.

She has not.

Party insiders tend to dislike contested primaries, but average voters probably like them. It gives them a reason to vote and brings more attention to a race.

All who care about this know that New Jersey Republicans have not won a U.S. Senate election in more than 50 years. So, they need all the attention they can get.

Serrano Glassner, naturally, also criticizes Biden and Andy Kim, the presumed Democratic candidate for Senate.

But she also has some sharp words for Bashaw. Take a look at one of her recent social media posts:

“Curtis Bashaw will never understand New Jerseyans like I do! Get out and vote on June 4th for the only true Republican candidate in this primary so we can start to take down the leftist agenda that is crippling this nation.”

In every Republican primary, it seems, candidates argue over who the “true” Republican is.

In this case, Serrano Glassner’s take is that her conservative bonafides are superior to Bashaw’s.

Presumably, Bashaw’s first TV ad attacking Biden is an attempt to refute that.

Call this the second noteworthy event in the campaign. The first was when Bashaw backed out of a radio debate with Serrano Glassner.

He said it likely would have been divisive when the GOP needs unity.

As for Serrano Glassner, she has a scheduled reception Thursday night in Ridgewood with among others, Jack Zisa, the current – but outgoing  – GOP Bergen County chair and Bernard Kerik. a former NYC police commissioner.





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5 responses to “Bashaw Goes After Biden as Serrano Glassner Tries to Pull Him into a Fight”

  1. Bashaw is an Establishment RINO who supported Christie in the primaries, and he has donated to a plethora of democrat candidates! Does this sound like a movement conservative Republican? Glassner is the TRUE conservative MAGA candidate, who could take on leftist Kim!

  2. Unfortunately no one knows Justin Murphy or Glassner. There really is no strong Republican party in NJ.
    As usual NJ will vote in another liberal democrat. Sad.

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