Candidate for Sheriff Gallo Calls Out Assemblyman Coughlin on Illegals Getting Licenses

Candidate for Sheriff Gallo Calls Out Assemblyman Coughlin on Illegals Getting Licenses


Woodbridge, NJ. Candidate for Middlesex County Sheriff Anthony Gallo wants to know why Assemblyman Craig Coughlin is holding onto a bill that would give illegal immigrants the legal right to drive in the state.  His belief is that such a bill will adversely affect lawful New Jersey citizens and their families. “Why would they hold this bill up? I believe that the assembly knows that it would affect the outcome of the 2019 election big time.  I believe it is being held because a majority of NJ residents do not want illegal immigrants getting drivers licenses for many reasons, which our officials are well aware of.”  Governor Phil Murphy has recently reignited attention to the issue, just weeks shy of November 2019 elections; Murphy is adamant to sign such legislation as soon as it is ready.  Gallo continues, “If one of these people hurt someone while driving, what will happen to them? Who will be left holding the bill? Will the families affected by a potentially dangerous situation get justice? Will our insurance rates go up? These are some of the questions many people want answers to.  Therefore, I recently emailed Assemblyman Coughlin for a friendly meeting on this subject but he has yet to respond.”  In recent weeks, internal feuding between Governor Phil Murphy and Coughlin on the issue has been made public, reinforcing the perception the Democratic party in the state is in division.  This adds to a growing list of measures in chaos, including marijuana legalization and income tax reform.  Coughlin has stated they were holding this matter until after the elections, once lame duck begins.  Getting bills passed during “lame duck” periods is a common tactic by parties in power, occurring after elections.  A controversial bill like this can be passed during that time, without any direct repercussion at the polls.  Mr. Gallo insists this move is a clear indicator of their intension to dupe the voters on such a high pressure matter and maintain their power in NJ.  “I implore Speaker Coughlin to take this bill to a vote soon, so citizens know where their officials stand on this issue.  We have the right to know, and use this at the election booth. The fact Coughlin knows to wait on this bill shows this is not what the people want. I am sure support for these licenses are not as popular as Murphy or any other politician like to think it is.”

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