CD12 GOP Candidate Daryl Kipnis on the Statue of Liberty July 4 incident

“On a day where our country owes a great deal of thanks to, among others, our veterans, our first responders, and those who secure our borders, we instead see members of the unhinged, radical Left hijacking our national monuments as thousands visit to explore our great history and meaning of our nation.”

“This foolhardy incident at the Statue of Liberty is legitimized by radical, elected members of the Democrat Party at every level of government, including Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and my opponent in Congress, Bob Menendez and Kirsten Gillibrand in the U.S. Senate, Governor Phil Murphy in New Jersey, and Mayor Bill de Blasio in New York City, whose rhetoric inspires others to needlessly endanger the lives of our first responders to advance their agenda of lawlessness.”

“While the First Amendment right to protest is a very important part of what we celebrate today, the members of the so-called “Resistance” in elected office are encouraging total willful and wanton abandon of the need to do so peacefully and responsibly so that their protests do not end up endangering other citizens or, in this case, police and rescue workers. We are, indeed, a nation of laws.”

“Thankfully, this particular situation ended peacefully and without injury, but by failing to hold other members of their party accountable for encouraging escalating radicalism, members of the Democrat leadership condone it, and therefore own any harm to the American people that may arise out of it in the future.”

“No matter what slogans or issues are put on display in any given instance, know this- these protests are ultimately about one thing and one thing only: total control of every level of government within the United States of America by a political party that has completely embraced two things and two things only: Authoritarian Socialism, and the absolute ostracism of all freedom-loving people who disagree with it.”

“If my opponent and the rest of these elected Democrats have become so consumed by their refusal to accept the results of the 2016 Presidential election that they don’t care if their fellow Americans end up hurt, or heaven forbid, killed during these ‘protests,’ they must resign right now.”

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