LD2 Democrats: Chris Brown Team Bails on 2nd Debate in 3 Days

Chris Brown Team Bails on 2nd Debate in 3 Days


(Atlantic City, NJ) — Upon arriving at tonight’s previously scheduled debate, which both Democratic and Republican legislative candidates in New Jersey’s 2nd District agreed to over a month ago, Senator Colin Bell, Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo, and Assembly candidate John Armato were told that “The Chris Brown Team” bailed yet again.


“Debate organizers told us the same story we heard at the Civic Associations debate on Tuesday. Both sides RSVPed a month ago. The Brown team went to organizers this week requesting a format change, which was not granted. Then, the day of the debate they cancel due to a “scheduling conflict.” We don’t buy it,” said Colston Reid, Campaign Manager for the Bell, Mazzeo, Armato ticket.


Senator Colin Bell issued the following statement:


“He claims to be independent, but Assemblyman Brown has voted with Governor Christie 90% of the time. He knows that if we debate one on one I will point out his constant attempts to mislead the public that have been the centerpiece of his campaign. It’s shameful that our Assemblyman would act so disrespectfully towards not one, but now two different community organizations whose only intention by hosting these debates is to better inform the public. We deserve a senator who shows up.”




Contact: Colston Reid
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