City of Perth Amboy Approves Reallocation of $200,000 in Home Funds to Eligible Residents

City of Perth Amboy Approves Reallocation of $200,000 in Home Funds to Eligible Residents

PRAHD will Administer Funds and Begin Accepting Rental Assistance Applications


PERTH AMBOY – May 18, 2020 – On Thursday, May 14, 2020, the City of Perth Amboy approved the reallocation of U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development HOME Funds, totaling more than $200,000 to assist eligible residents with rental support. The Puerto Rican Association for Human Development (PRAHD) will be administering the funds and are now accepting rental assistance applications.

Eligible residents need to comply with the following criteria to receive assistance:

  • Individual must be a current Perth Amboy resident
  • Proof of citizenship is required
  • Individual must be able to document a COVID related hardship (unemployment or letter from employer stating that they were laid off or had a reduction in hours due to COVID).
  • Landlord verification of back rent due is required

    “During these unprecedented times and unchartered territories, we must all work together to get through this difficult time so we can come out stronger,” said Mayor Wilda Diaz. “I understand that many of our residents have been laid off because their companies were required to close. That is why I have been working alongside my administrative staff to provide critical short-term support since the beginning of March, and most recently, by redirecting grant funds to offer additional tenant-based rental assistance.”


PRAHD is a comprehensive human services agency that serves thousands of New Jersey residents throughout Middlesex, Union and Hudson counties. The non-profit agency has successfully operated the program for the past eight years, providing rental assistance to eligible Perth Amboy residents.

“PRAHD is honored to partner with the city to administer the rental assistance funds. It is our privilege to serve the community and we are looking forward to continuing our work to make sure the residents of Perth Amboy receive the assistance they need,” said Executive Director, Kim Ruiz.

For the safety of the community and in order to comply with the Governor’s stay at home order, PRAHD’s offices remain closed to the public. Services continue to be provided remotely. For rental assistance, please call 732-638-2870.

In addition to providing rental assistance to residents, the City of Perth Amboy acknowledges that many landlords and homeowners are also struggling financially, and they should know that there is help being offered to them as well.

On March 19, 2020, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued Executive Order 106, which immediately suspended evictions throughout the state. This executive order protects all New Jersey residents from being evicted by their landlords. The Governor also went a step further to provide more protection to tenants struggling financially by signing Executive Order 128, which will now allow tenants to use their security deposit to pay back rent.


Tenants will not be required to repay their security deposit until the Public Health Emergency Order is lifted or six months after they renew their lease, whichever comes later.

“There is assistance available to landlords and homeowners who are struggling to cover their mortgages, said Tashi Vazquez, assistant director of Perth Amboy’s Office of Economic & Community Development.” “New Jersey homeowners with mortgages are currently being offered a forbearance period due to the pandemic. As homeowners and landlords seek aid by mortgage forbearance, I ask that they offer that same assistance to their tenants in a way that follows the Governor’s recommendations.”

The City of Perth Amboy will continue to look for ways to assist and support the community with any hardships due to COVID-19, but it is strongly recommended that residents pay their rent this upcoming month if they can.  If tenants cannot pay their rent, they must speak to their landlord and ask to use their security deposit for this month. If their financial situation does not improve, they should reach out to PRAHD to apply for tenant-based rental assistance for the upcoming months.

For additional information or to apply for rental assistance, residents are asked to contact PRAHD at (732) 638-2870.


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