Clifton BOE Commissioner Anderson Reverses Course, Decides To Keep Name On Ballot

State from Clifton BOE member Tafari Anderson:

I have received a multitude of calls from many individuals since my announcement to withdraw from the election strongly encouraging me to continue in my role as a Commissioner on the Clifton BOE.  The people identified with my ongoing efforts to assure the best possible education for all the children that attend the Clifton schools including special needs, 504 eligible children, and LGBT students.   My personal beliefs that we respect the rights of all individuals across the inclusive and diverse population that attends the Clifton City Schools, makes Clifton truly one of the best small cities in New Jersey in which to live and have the privilege of attending our schools. Therefore, I have spoken with my family and we have decided that I should leave my name on the ballot so that I can continue to serve the Children of Clifton.


Working closely with the Clifton BOE, the Clifton City Council and the Educational administration we have demonstrated positive growth throughout our city and school district.  I am most proud of the following accomplishments: the addition of two pre-school centers in the district, the addition of more essential in house services for all of our special needs population including but not limited to OT,PT,ST and BT, updating software to improve communications with our parents and the greater education community on short notice, the upgrading of the districts infrastructure again including but not limited to new roofs, new windows new athletic fields and more, providing in house support and training for our professional staff to assure quality instruction to all children, the upgrading of our technology including but not limited to SMART Boards in every classroom, security systems that protect our children and quickly alert the Clifton Police Department  to any intrusions at our schools, Security Cameras at all buildings and more.


If re-elected I will continue to be available to all community members to listen to all constituents and fight for more resources for our children as we continue to grow and improve while keeping taxes to a reasonable rate.  I look forward to meeting with you and promise I will continue to uphold my oath to provide the best opportunities to all the children of Clifton in a fair, equitable , transparent and forthright manner.


Thank you and remember on election day to vote for #3 Tafari Anderson.   I promise to not disappoint the honor you have given me to serve our children and the future of our greater Clifton Community.




Tafari Anderson

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