Codey Condemns Governor’s Personal Attack on Asm. McKeon

Codey Condemns Governor’s Personal Attack on Asm. McKeon



TRENTON – Senator Richard J. Codey issued the following statement in response to Governor Christie’s personal attack on Assemblyman John McKeon over the Assembly Judiciary Chairman’s official legislative inquiry into problems at NJ Transit. The governor’s comments were reported by POLITICO New Jersey:

“The governor’s remarks in response to questions about an official legislative inquiry into safety issues, patronage hires and discrimination claims at NJ Transit were absolutely absurd. But it’s no surprise that instead of addressing his years of neglect of a critical transportation agency that carries hundreds of thousands of commuters daily, he resorted to diversions and attacks.

“Over the last eight years the governor calls out everyone he disagrees with as a back bencher. His behavior is not befitting of the office he holds. Worse yet, this is like A-Rod criticizing Jeter for not playing by the rules.

“The Assemblyman is well known as an honest, hardworking public servant and he’s doing his job by looking into the systemic problems at an agency that New Jersey residents depend on every single day. Governor Christie, they know you too – and the reports indicate they don’t like your bullying tactics or your constant demeaning tone. To have a sitting governor personally attack a lawmaker over his work, not to mention someone who is a good and decent person, is ridiculous. It seems that he can’t go one week without personally demeaning someone.  Cut it out, Governor, and act like a gentleman.”

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