Constituents of the Fourth Legislative District Ignored by Democrat Incumbents Yet Again


Constituents of the Fourth Legislative District Ignored by Democrat Incumbents Yet Again

On September 8th, I submitted a formal request for a debate to the Democratic incumbents of the 4th Legislative District, Assemblywoman Gabriela M. Mosquera and Assemblyman Paul D. Moriarty. As of today, no reply has been made. The residents of LD4, enduring Murphy’s “New Normal” New Jersey, have a right to hear their prospective term goals should they continue to “serve” under their titles in the Assembly.

The failed diligence to produce a response depicts their continued role as puppet Democrats and speaks to the silent participation of their party; they have little interest in functioning as servants for the people. Mosquera and Moriarty have dissonance from their constituents and are defying their civic duties by disregarding the public access to a debate. There is a contrasting fear with stepping out of the line of submission they have sat in since their terms began.

Mosquera and Moriarty’s non-response to a debate warrants them as accomplices of Murphy’s dictatorial rule. Do they believe that their silence will protect them from hearing the truth from me? Or do they fear that their constituents will retaliate with a vote against them should they voice their platforms? Families’ lives are forever changed in our state, due to unruly and draconian ruling by the current administration and lack of representation for the people.

I call on Mosquera and Moriarty to supply an answer. A continued rejection of my request for debate is proving their absence of constituent services and furthermore shows that they have no interest in reaching a solution to counteract the ongoing damage of our state. There has never been a more crucial time to break the silence.

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