Corrado to Introduce Bill Requiring Walk-in Unemployment Centers to Reopen


Corrado to Introduce Bill Requiring Walk-in Unemployment Centers to Reopen

Measure Requires One-Stop Career Centers to Reopen Immediately

Senator Kristin Corrado will introduce legislation requiring the State’s walk-in unemployment offices that have been closed for nearly 14 months to reopen immediately.

“We’ve heard too many excuses from Governor Murphy for his refusal to reopen walk-in unemployment centers that have been closed for more than a year,” said Corrado (R-40). “With new CDC guidance that social distancing is no longer necessary in most indoor settings, there’s absolutely no excuse for the governor not to reopen these important government offices immediately. When every other state around us is reopening, it’s absolutely ridiculous that it’ll take us passing a law to force Governor Murphy to act.”

Corrado’s new legislation requires the State’s One-Stop Career Centers to reopen immediately and remain open to provide services to the public, including assistance with unemployment insurance.

If the temporary closure of a One-Stop Career Center is necessary, the bill requires the Department of Labor and Workforce Development to provide reasonable alternatives to prospective customers of that agency location.

“It’s an undeniable fact that New Jersey’s unemployment system continues to fail thousands of people who have been unable to resolve claims over the phone or through the website,” said Corrado. “Even with expanded call centers, people get stuck in an endless loop where they’re bounced around and nobody takes responsibility for resolving their claim. It’s a lot harder to do nothing when the person who needs help is sitting in a chair in front of you. That’s why we’ve been pushing so hard to force Governor Murphy to reopen government offices that serve the public.”

Corrado added that the One-Stop Career Centers have an important role to play in supporting New Jersey’s economic recovery beyond helping resolve outstanding unemployment claims.

“We’ve heard repeatedly from employers that they’re having a very hard time finding employees to fill all the jobs they’re creating as they attempt to reopen fully,” added Corrado. “Unfortunately, they’re getting no help from shuttered One-Stop Career Centers that should be open to help match job seekers with employment opportunities. It’s yet another reason we need to force Governor Murphy to reopen these offices.”

The legislation will be introduced on Thursday.

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