Cory Booker Announces Six New Endorsements In South Carolina

Senator Cory Booker's 2020 Presidential Campaign message of tolerance and love does not seem to be resonating with Democratic voters, as the message competes with those from President Donald Trump and Republican candidates that focus on personal insults and reckless allegations of misbehavior and illegal conduct. This is hurting his chances of becoming a serious contender for the Democratic National Convention presidential candidate nomination.
Cory Booker Announces Six New Endorsements In South Carolina
Columbia, SC — Today, following a breakout performance at last month’s Democratic presidential debate in Miami and organizing outreach efforts to local leaders, Cory for South Carolina is proud to announce a new round of endorsements from elected officials, business owners, and community leaders to a growing list of South Carolinians supporting Cory Booker.

The newly announced endorsers are:

  • Moses Bell, Fairfield County Councilman
  • Lumus Byrd, Jr., Laurens County Democratic Party Executive Committee Member
  • Lorraine Dennis, Sumter County Assistant Administrator
  • Gregrey Ginyard, Mayor of Jenkinsville
  • Alicia Sullivan, Laurens City Councilwoman
  • Diane Sumpter, President and CEO of DESA, Inc.

Jenkinsville Mayor Gregory Ginyard said he supports Cory because “he is smart, energetic and very knowledgeable on all issues. Most importantly he is fair and understanding when it comes to all people regardless of income, religion, social status or race.”

Councilman Moses Bell said Senator Booker has his unwavering support, stating “Cory Booker believes in this country and the greatness that is still before it, and he believes that all citizens have a vital role to play. He has the courage to fight for what is right and has real plans to help the nation’s most vulnerable citizens and will go to bat for them every day.”

Councilwoman Alicia Sullivan described Booker’s love for community as inspiring. Sullivan said, “During the debate Cory showed that he has a message of love but also will be the tough and knowledgeable leader our country needs.”

Cory Booker has visited South Carolina eight times since announcing his candidacy and has held 49 public events in the state so far.

Cory has previously been endorsed by three state representatives, Representative Leola Robinson-Simpson, Representative John King, and Representative Annie McDaniel.

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